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As if Kim Kardashian wasn't already doing enough, the queen of reality TV can now add producer to her résumé! Yep, Kimmy is stepping behind the camera for a new show (here on E!, of course) called The Spin Crowd. And from what we've seen, it might just be our new boob tube obsession.

The show follows Simon Huck and Jonathan Cheban, who work for the top-notch celeb publicity firm Command PR, as they try to keep these effed up stars in line by spinning all the dirty deeds into, ya know, the good kind of goss.

We caught up with these two fine fellas over the weekend, and just had to ask who they're dying to save from, well, themselves:

Who in Hollywood needs your spin control right now?

Simon: "Oh my god, there are so many people who need us."

Jonathan: "I have a list in my pocket, I'm scared to name names. We would do a package deal with Lindsay [Lohan] and Mel Gibson. We would have to pull them away for two months. I mean Lindsay though, hopefully this time, she'll learn. There are no more chances. Everybody does this craziness and then hopefully gets their career back. But this is her last chance."

Simon: "Everybody loves a comeback. I love it. When Britney [Spears] had her moment, you know when she started hitting cars and the whole shaved head thing, I thought I lost her! But now she's stronger than ever."

Jonathan: "Right. This is Lindsay's one time, she can't do it again. If this happens again she'll be completely disregarded."

We've seen how many times La Lohan can mess up, and totally agree. This is the babe's last shot! But as we've said, we're rooting for her and think she can pull it off. If Lindsay isn't keen on our idea of Dancing with the Stars looks like she has a guest spot here.

Make sure to check out The Spin Crowd (with appearances by the "hysterical" Kelly Osbourne, her "ugh"-worthy former BF, and Mario Lopez) when it airs August 22, after the "amazing Kardashians" (Jonathan's words, though we tend to agree).

An inside glimpse into the world of PR and the crazy celebrities who need it? Oh we'll definitely be setting our TiVo season passes. Wouldn't want to miss a second of that.

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