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Is there any topic these days (not oil spill- or vampire-related) that's hotter than Glee? We think not.

With 19 Emmy nominations, a brand new season and a recent win of Choice Television Comedy at the Teen Choice Awards, there's plenty to gab about with the cast of the hit show.

We caught up with Naya Rivera, Iqbal Theba and the absolutely brilliant Heather Morris on the "blue carpet" at the TCAs on Sunday, and tried to wrench some scoop out of their very unwilling mouths!

Here's what we managed to find out about on-set dynamics, the upcoming season, and that Britney Spears episode:

Principal Figgins (Theba) won't sing...yet.

"Maybe in the future," said Iqbal Theba, who plays the oft-hilarious principal of William McKinley High. But even though he hasn't gotten the chance to belt out some high notes yet, Theba says he's optimistic.

"I think they're trying to make everyone else sing, and once they're out of people, they'll say, 'Who's left? Oh, Figgins, OK, let him sing!'" His first choice for his debut song? "[Otis Redding's] 'Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay.'"

The Britney episode is still being kept quiet. What is this, Lost?

You've obviously heard that Glee is doing a tribute to the one Miss Britney Spears, but the details are few and far between.

"It's, uh, happening," laughed Heather Morris, whose ditzy cheerleader Brittany will get her first solo in the episode.

Naya Rivera, who plays bi-curious schemer Santana, spilled a little more. When asked what her character's role in the episode is like, Rivera teased, "I'm just gonna say that she's involved."

Would Santana ever be jealous of Brittany's Britney limelight? "What, no," said Rivera, being tres coy with her intonation. "She would never be jealous of Brittany."

Santana and Puck (Mark Salling) are so not dating in real life.

Even though Rivera outed co-star Mark Salling as the set's biggest flirt (Morris chose show creator Ryan Murphy and co-star Cory Monteith), she's not entirely sure why the rumor of Salling and Rivera continues to thrive.

"It's a retarded rumor," says Rivera. "It's silly. We are best friends and no one gets it. I guess it's like, if there are two great-looking people that are friends, you have to date."

Rivera continued: "I think we should all just hook up with each other. One big fat couple."


High school pranks definitely still happen on set.

You remember the awards like Most Likely To Succeed and Most Popular? Well, how the cast's Biggest Troublemaker? "Yikes, yikes, yikes, that's hard," said Rivera. "I'm gonna say Kevin [McHale, who plays Artie]. Only 'cause he's cute and I love him."

Morris is a little more honest! "Me and Mark Salling," she admitted. "Actually, I feel like it's Naya, me and Kevin as a trio. We're always just making noises and getting in trouble."

They still pinch themselves.

For one thing, you can't say that the cast isn't humble. "It feels great. I think it's awesome any time the show gets recognized," said Rivera, who plays scheming bi-curious cheerleader Santana. "I get so excited."

"You go to work and it's like, what am I doing?" said Morris, arguably the show's break-out fan favorite this season. "I'm playing every day. Yeah, that's right, I'm playing."

What about all those photos of the cast in costume?

We got a glimpse of the first episode's filming, and there are some interesting costumes to be seen, including the whole cast in shirts that say New York City on them.

They're for a performance in the first episode, Morris tells us. So what's the song—could it be Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind," perhaps?

Says Morris: "Maybe."

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