Katy Perry, Teenage Dream Shoot

Ari Michelson/Capitol Records

Dear Ted:
I'm in love with Katy Perry! She was on a popular radio show in my home state and absolutely cracked me up with her witty banter. She seems to have it all going for her: beauty, brains, money, semi-cute British guy. I know everyone has skeletons in their closet, so as far as you know, does she have your standard closet or is it a spacious walk-in?

Dear Closet Case:
Definitely not too spacious. Think Katy's a doll; she's one of my fave babes in the Biz right now, that's for sure. Plus, the fact she has talent and a real relationship blows our bitchy brains!  If you're not a KP fan yet peep her new video for Teenage Dream, we're loving it. Diesel skin-tight jeans, yes please!

Dear Ted:
For the life of me, I think those Teen Choice Awards were rigged. Taylor Lautner signed on to attend the show at the last minute. Don't get me wrong, Taylor is cute, but Robert Pattinson is hotter than Taylor. Was this a trick to drum up more support for Team Jacob like with New Moon?

Dear Big Rig:
I won't say the TCAs are rigged, but there's certainly something fishy in the list released of who is scheduled to appear and who ends up winning. Since, you know, it ends up being the same damn list. But, Team Jacob exists for a reason. You may have to accept that Tay-Tay has a lot of loyal fans. He's got the abs, after all.

Dear Ted:
Just looked at this weekend's photos of Lea Michele, and is it just me, or is she looking almost gaunt? She's starting to look a bit stretched around the face, and she's also looking really abnormally thin. Please tell me that she isn't succumbing to the typical size 0 around here.

Dear Michele My Belle:
That certainly was a hot topic on our side of the carpet at the Teen Choice Awards, for sure. Girlfriend is looking way thin. We prefer her on the curvy side; it's way sexier. Hope she doesn't shrink down anymore or else the mystery diet may be suspect. But it's not there quite yet.

Dear Ted:
Are all the male actors who beard self-centered, moneygrubbing, greedy fame whores, or are there some who beard who sincerely believe they are doing it for the "greater good"? For instance, to protect a relationship or something they stand for that would be totally eclipsed by "scandal" if they were to come out? Not that they're right, but they sincerely believe that to be true.

Dear Funny Bunny:
Suppose the latter can be true, but it isn't usually; greedy fame whores might be a bit harsh. Think scared actors who care more about their career than furthering the greater good. Sometimes a person wants both their career and their love life to thrive, and in order to do that, they think they have to beard. Just ask Grey Goose.

Dear Ted:
How do I get to meet a very nice guy?

Dear Hookup:
If you don't live in Los Angeles, you're off to a good start.

Dear Ted:
Since everyone is casting speculations for the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, let me put forth my suggestion: Emma Watson. No one would ever consider her, but with her new short 'do, she could play one hell of a badass! Any thoughts on this being a possibility?

Dear Elementary, My Dear Watson:
I think she's a little too nonangsty. But she might have the chops to do the role some semblance of justice. But doesn't she want to focus on school these days? She's one of those girls.

Dear Ted:
Please cheer me up by answering my question: Have any of the castmembers of Community been B.V.'s? Are there any salacious goings-on during filming?

Dear Community Collage:
No salacious goings-on. That show is one of the more chill casts for sure.

Dear Ted:
I just saw Salt and though the acting was terrific. Angie's size was such a distraction! She looked weak and like a lollipop head who might snap in half just running! I don't understand how she does all of her own stunts with her "mystery diet." I found her as Evelyn Salt totally unbelievable and thought a stronger, fitter actress would have been better for the part. Is it just me?
—Not an Angie Fan

Dear Salty Balls:
I def thought she was going to break during a few of those stunts, despite wardrobe's attempt to hide her frail arms. All in all, I still thought she was well-cast; although, her badass ways are starting to get a little repetitive, doncha think?

Dear Ted:
Mark Salling
! I have become obsessed with him after seeing him in Glee. What's his dirty secret? And also, what about Cory Monteith? He seems as naive as his character to me.
—Mark's No. 1 Fan

Dear Gleek 1:
The Glee boys are hardly squeaky clean, trust! Check back later to hear the Glee gals dish the dirt on ‘em though...at least, what they can talk about.

Dear Ted:
Are Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale friends anymore? It's been months, and they haven't been seen together. I would love for them to date.

Dear Zashley?
Well, since Zac and Vanessa are still doing what they do best and don't have High School Musical 10 to promote, penciling in Ash isn't high on their list of priorities. But don't think there's bad blood between the former costars either.

Dear Ted:
Ever since pictures of Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale from Glee looking cozy on a beach together surfaced a while ago, I've been dying to know if anything is going on between the two.

Dear Gleek 2:
Jenna has assured us they are just friends...so we'll go with that. For now.

Dear Ted:
Everyone knows Kristen Stewart hopped from Michael Angarano to Robert Pattinson (suspect there may have been a bit of overlap). Is there any reason to worry that history may repeat itself with her hopping from Robert Pattinson to Garrett Hedlund? Should we be concerned? Should Rob be concerned?

Dear Watchful Eye:
It depends on what concerned means. If by concerned you mean, "wary because something will definitely happen," I'd say no. If by concerned you mean, "let's keep an eye out," well then, sure, what's the harm in being concerned?

Dear Ted:
I just read that Megan Fox is donating all her money from the Eminem video to a charity called Sojourn for battered woman and their children. While I think that is wonderful, I noticed that Vanessa Marcil has been a supporter of that charity for many years, even winning awards for the work she has done. So tell me, what's the story with this? It seems Megan likes to one-up Vanessa all the time.

Dear Snoop:
Good eye, you little detective! It would definitely appear that Meggie is following in Vanessa's footsteps, and hell, I wouldn't put it past Megan to know exactly what she's doing. But at the end of the day, it was a fab thing to do, so let's not take away from it.

Dear Ted:
What's the deal with Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen? Are they together or not? I thought they were going to get married but now they seem to be cooling off...

Dear Un-wed:
Babe, haven't you heard? They've officially cooled off.

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