Taylor Momsen Kids Around About Having Sex With a Priest

Gossip Girl star keeps stirring up controversy—this time the 17-year-old jokes about sexual relations with a priest

By Brandi Fowler Aug 08, 2010 3:14 AMTags
Taylor MomsenJemal Countess/Getty Images

Taylor Momsen just keeps the inappropriate quotes coming. 

Never one to "fit into a mold," the 17-year-old Gossip Girl star has gone from dishing on sex toys to joking about having sex with a priest. 

And we're not kidding.

"I was raised Catholic," Momsen said in a recent interview with a New Zealand radio station, according to Us Weekly. "I f--ked a priest once…I'm just kidding." 

And if that one didn't bring the chuckles, don't worry, there's more. 

In response to the recent controversy stirred up by her "best friend is [my] vibrator" proclamation in Disorder Magazine, Momsen had this to say: 

"I'm not a whore for masturbating, so f--k you if you want to call me one". 

But Momsen isn't only about F-words, raccoon eyes and outlandish behavior....we think. 

In an attempt to clean up her "joke" about having sexual relations with a priest, she dished on her band The Pretty Reckless's song "Going Down", which she said the group wrote to confront the issue of priests accused of molesting children.

"It seemed like a very fitting song to write at the time," Momsen said. "It was kind of a f--k you to all the molestation going on. It was just insane." 

Well…at least she isn't trying to be a role model.


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