Bachelor Pad

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If body-baring bikinis and tanned, toned pecs aren't your thang, avoid ABC's Bachelor Pad at all costs.

But if you happen to enjoy the little things in life (like, um, itty-bitty attire and nearly naked games of Twister), tonight's B.P. series premiere is right up your alley. 

Need more convincing? Here's what new cohost Melissa Rycroft Strickland is spilling:

"This is definitely competition and romance," Melissa tells us of the supersexy new show. "When you put love in the same prize category as money, that's when you start seeing true colors come out. 'Do you really like me, or are you trying to get me to vote for you so that you stay until the end and get the money?' It's pretty intriguing."

We've seen the premiere ep, and have gotta be honest with you—"intriguing" is a total understatement. There are hot people hooking up with hotter people, there's skin, there's crying—honestly, there is everything you love about The Bachelor/Bachelorette, but with the chance to win $250,000 and find love in the end.

And Melissa's favorite part of her new gig? She's not out there competing this time around.

"Chris Harrison and I ran all the challenges," she laughs. "We ran all of the elimination ceremonies. And other than that, we just got to sit back and watch. The contestants do a lot on their own. They're in the house mixing it up, making alliances, breaking alliances, forming romances and going on dates. Ultimately, it's the contestants that vote each other off, so Chris and I don't make any of those decisions. We just deliver the news."

Now here's our helpful little handout to navigate your way through all of the potential hookups (but this is just in the first hour!):

Natalie and Jesse (from Ali's season) are hot 'n' heavy right off the bat.
Dave and Jessie have a flirty little thing going on.
Juan and Nikki dated previously and are already butting heads.
Elizabeth and Jesse Kovacs are on again, off again and have tons of dramarama.
Tenley (who is almost bubbly to a fault!) and Kiptyn are bound to be together...just wait!
• And every guy is gaga for Gia!

Which contestants are you excited to see again? Will you tune in for the Bachelor Pad fun tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC? Fill us in below!


Find out more about the Bachelor Pad cast right here.

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