Once again, it's time for a look back at your fantastic week in Soup. Dig ye deep, kids.

1. Nancy Grace: The outspoken TV mouthpiece is not happy with Lindsay's potential million dollar paycheck for her first post-jail interview. And she's particularly not happy about the kind of pants Lilo will no doubt be spending those funbucks on. Or is she just jealous?


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2. The View: We all know how completely not-gay Bachelor Jake Pavelka is. Now, thanks to the ladies of The View, America (meaning the show's audience of bored, unemployed women. And us) has heard Jake admit he's so not gay. Really.

3. Regis Philbin: Everybody loves Reeg's cranky loud-mouthed New Yorker act that makes you feel like you're right there in the Big Apple being abused by some aging Brooklynite cabbie. Everybody excluding a certain cameraman, that is.

4. Man, Woman, Wild: We seem to end up drinking alone. A lot. Survivalist couple Mike and Ruth end up parachuting into a tree. There are more similarities than you think.

5. The View: We don't know if Whoopi is a Mel Gibson fan, but she is most definitely not a fan of Mel Gibson tape clearinghouse Radar Online and its executive vice president David Perel. As in, she's one step away from murdering him.

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