Gary Coleman's House on the Block—Any Takers?

Estate administrator seeks to sell "poor/distressed" Utah property but ex-wife Shannon Price vows to fight

By Josh Grossberg Aug 05, 2010 10:35 PMTags
Gary Coleman, EstateNathanael Jones,; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

For the serious Diff'rent Strokes fan with a spare $320,000 and change, we got just the dealie for you.

Gary Coleman's Utah home is for sale. That is, if his ex-wife doesn't get her hands on it first.

The house needs some work—court-appointed administrator Robert Jeffs estimates at least $7,500 in repairs is needed for the "poor/distressed" property (there's one for the real estate add!)—and Coleman's "disorganized" belongings need to be crated up and carted out first.

Otherwise, potential buyers just have to worry about bad karma possible legal action by Coleman's former missus.

Shannon Price is hopping mad that Jeffs filed a motion this week seeking permission to sell their former homestead. She was booted from the place in June after it was determined that she wasn't named in Coleman's legally recognized will.

Price's lawyer has told E! News that she and Coleman were technically common-law spouses and she should be in line for his estate. That means she'll fight to oppose any sale of, in the words of her rep, "the home they shared."

Lining up against her are Coleman's estranged parents.

Willie and Sue Coleman have filed a petition asking a judge to dismiss Price's attempt to get common-law marriage status. The Colemans don't believe she really played house with Gary after their divorce, even though she was the one who was there on the day he fell down in the home—a mishap that resulted in a fatal brain hemorrhage.

There was no immediate comment from either Jeffs or Coleman's camp.

Ironically, according to court docs, Coleman was upside-down on his mortgage and actually owed more than $325,000 for property valued at $324,000.

So this could all be much ado about less than nothing.


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