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Editor's note: By now you've checked out Kim Kardashian's new haircut.

Despite her hype, we really can't tell that much of a difference, especially compared with some historically horrible hair disasters. With that in mind, we thought it would be fun to revisit our picks, which was originally pegged to the Emma Watson chop from last summer.

Without further hairdo adieu...


(Originally published Aug. 6, 2011, at 6:25 a.m. PT)

Emma Watson


The good news is Emma Watson's new, old Mia Farrow 'do is, as far as radical makeovers go, pretty run of the mill. (And, hey, some folks even think it's plain pretty.)

The bad news is not all Hollywood haircuts have been so harmless. Some, in fact, have been dangerous. To their wearers, to their fellow citizens, to the world.

Behold, if you dare, our rogues' gallery of historically bad 'dos:

Britney Spears

1. Britney Spears' Do-It-Yourself Disaster: Has a tidy haircut ever been more symbolic of a life in disarray? Since the buzz kinda resembled the 'dos modeled by the Manson Family, circa 1970, we're gonna say the answer's no.

Brad Pitt

2. Brad Pitt's Scraggly Adams Look: No, the star's fuzzy fuzz didn't crash the stock market, cause a plague or even encourage (many) men to go the same unkempt route. But it defaced a national treasure, and that's bad enough in our books.

Julia Roberts

Gary Lewis/AP Photo

3. Julia Roberts' Blond Bomb: The Pretty Woman unveiled her new look at the 1991 Oscars. In the ensuing months, her booming career went bust in Hook, and her private life went boom with her nixed-at-the-last-minute nuptials to Kiefer Sutherland. Roberts' life rebounded, and she's been successfully golden-haired since, but her early 1990s run proved once and for all that blondes do not always have more fun. 

Billy Ray Cyrus

Ron Galella/

4. Billy Ray Cyrus' Achy-Breaky Mullet: The singer wasn't the first person to take his fashion cues from professional hockey players. But because he was so good at being so popular in his country crooning prime, he made sure that he wasn't the last.

5. Keri Russell's Felicity Killer: This might be TV's most infamous look ever—in a bad way. Oh, as any old-school WB fan can tell you, Russell looked just as good shorn as she did with long locks, but back in the day, even the then network's suits admitted that the actress' storyline-dictated re-do' was a mistake—a mistake from which the onetime It show never recovered. In retrospect, maybe Felicity didn't err with her hair, maybe Felicity's fickle viewers did. 

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