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A girlfriend's overbearing and manipulative mother, implications of blackmail, a forced breakup, a naked love romp, police interference…no, we simply can't imagine why Sarah and Bristol Palin had a problem with Levi Johnston's music video debut.

We also can't imagine what was left on the cutting room floor, seeing as how Levi never meant to nail the Palins and all.

E! News has obtained a copy of the treatment for the relationship-ending video he's set to roll camera on next week and it's not exactly what you would call a flattering portrait of his (until recent) home life.

Here's the deal:

Brittani Senser's "After Love" video basically tells the tale of a young couple torn apart by the woman's mother. A sample scene?

"Levi has just been stopped by a police officer," the script reads. "He didn't do anything wrong. This doesn't seem to matter though as the cop basically harasses Levi and provokes him to react."

Poor, unsuspecting Levi is then yanked from his car, searched and then, despite him being clean, is cuffed and tossed in the back of a patrol car. (Where he promptly makes a deal to drop trou for Playgirl—we kid, we kid.)

Brittani Senser

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Levi, the cop and the evil mother figure are later captured in an empty parking lot, setting up the blackmail portion of the video.

"Levi starts to yell at Brittani's mother," the script reads. "She just throws a thick manila envelope on the hood of the car. She tells him to open it. He opens it and immediately his face goes pale."

Cue the reluctant breakup scene and the mother playing comforting mama bear while Levi watches, distraught, from afar.

In fairness, you'd be distraught too, if you saw your cash cow slipping away.

According to the script treatment, earlier in the video Levi and Senser are shown engaging in a little naked cuddle session in bed.

"Levi strokes Brittani's hair, they intertwine fingers, they share a laugh, she kisses his shoulder, and he runs his hand gently down her back."

Since when did romance novelists begin writing music video scripts? Regardless, the duo will try to solidify their chemistry this weekend, as a source tells E! News that Johnston will accompany Senser to the Teen Choice Awards this Sunday.

Though taping over the weekend, the ceremony won't air until Monday night.

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