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I guess after Andrew Morton finished his Tom Cruise "tell-all," (which really was more of a Scientology exposé than anything on what Cruise has—or has not—done sexually), he decided it was time to blab again. Next in line: Angelina Jolie! Doesn't get any bigger than that, right?

But according to the Los Angeles Times,  Morton's Angelina doesn't so much tell all as explain all: "surprisingly sympathetic," spouts the Times, which also reveals Morton relied heavily on a host of shrink types who explain Ms. Misunderstood from a distance, while never having met the woman.

For the record, we're boning up on Morton's touchy-feely job this weekend, but before then, we decided to ask some of Brangelina's pals if Brad Pitt and his main woman plan on doing the same. Here's what one who knows the couple very well had to say:

Are Brangelina into reading this stuff about themselves?
They never read about themselves, ever.

So you don't think they'll be picking up Morton's book?

What about all the day-to-day tabloid stuff?
They don't care.

In other words, they're not Lindsay Lohan, obsessed with every morsel?

Were you contacted by Morton?
No. [And] I know no one who was.

Just have to say Brad and Angelina never reading anything about themselves seems a little surprising, considering everything that's written about them.
Don't forget, they have people who show them things, when necessary. That's when they just call their lawyer. They have two they regularly use, I believe.

Got it.

And remember, the starry couple did indeed just sue a tabloid, claiming the journos falsely stated the beautiful twosome was splitting and dividing their assets. And they won.

The Brangie chum's translated words could be interpreted as: if you want Brad and Angie themselves to be interested, know that what you write will pass through their attorneys first.

We don't think any Brangie legal eyeballs will be popping over Morton's latest book, just as was the case with his bleh Cruise job. But we'll check back on that bitchy opinion after the weekend.

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