I'm Still Here, Joaquin Phoenix

Magnolia Pictures

Right when we think we've quit the Joaquin Phoenix crazy train cold turkey, another shot of the actor's beard, hair and sunglasses pop up and we're back to square one.

But this time it's official. The studio behind I'm Still Here, the Casey Affleck-directed "documentary" of Phoenix's transition from actor to hip-hop joke star has released the film's poster.

Does this mean a bilboard and bus bench ad onslaught is inevitable?

We imagine the filmmakers are hoping to draw audience attention to the film itself and away from reports on the sexual harassment lawsuits that two of the film's female producers have filed against Affleck.

However, one of the film's producers is quick to defend the director.

Nicole Acacio, an associate producer on the film, tells E! News that her jaw dropped when she heard about the women who have come forward lawsuits.

"I worked with [the accusers, Magdalena Gorka and Amanda White] in a limited capacity on the film," says Acacio. She adds that she was around for filming at the same time as the plaintiffs and never saw or heard anything like what Affleck is being accused of.

Acacio says that she worked with Affleck "at least 10 to 20 days at random times in different settings for filming" and felt very comfortable around him. "I was definitely in situations where we were filming and he and I were the only people in the room, or we'd be walking to a filming location together. I am still just kind of in awe [of the claims]."

She says no one she worked with on the film has reached out to her about the lawsuits, but adds that if she were asked to testify in support of Affleck she would "absolutely" do so.

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