Chelsea Clinton, Marc Mezvinsky Wedding

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Just call it Dancing With the Clintons.

DWTS pro-hoofer Maksim Chmerkovskiy snagged the honor of giving Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky dancing lessons for their first dance as husband and wife.

While teaching a former First Daughter some fancy footwork is definitely something to brag about, it's not necessarily the ultimate teaching gig for a Hollywood dancer.

Just ask the stars of the new dance flick Step Up 3D. We hit up the movie's red carpet premiere last night to find who tops their list of dream celebrity students. No surprise, but political scions were not among the most wanted...

The film's sexy male lead, Rick Malambri has Johnny Depp in mind. "He's so innovative and creative, I think he could pick it up," Malambri said.

Step Up-er Oren Michaeli seconds that. "I love Johnny Depp," he said. "I'd have him breakdance for sure!"

Sounds like the flick's Bboy Milky may have some ulterior motives for his number one choice—Halle Berry. "I would just want to show her the best, sensual way to express yourself through dance," he said.

Another beauty on the list is Uma Thurman. "I just love that woman, she's flawless," Kendra Andrews gushed.

What kind of routine does Andrews have in mind for Ms. Thurman? "Very sexy," she said. "A little bit of Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction with some Kill Bill."

And even if they are already married, So You Think You Can Dance alum Legacy Perez says he would love to work with Jennifer Lopez and her hubby Marc Anthony. "I would definitely choreograph something for them, like a remarriage dance," he said. "I would do like a fusion of tango, breaking, without hitting the floor, popping, a little character play."

Sounds good to us—even if we're not exactly sure he's talking about.

—Reporting by Gabrielle Olya

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