Emily Deschanel Vows to Make David Boreanaz "Pay"

Bones stars dish on the new season—and the retribution in store!

By Kristin Dos Santos Aug 03, 2010 7:30 PMTags
David Boreanaz, Emily DeschanelCourtesy of Fox

Payback is most certainly a beyotch!

So what plans does Emily Deschanel have for her Bones costar David Boreanaz when she becomes his big boss this season?

To make David as miserable as he made her when he was playing Mr. Fancy Pants Director.

Yes, Emily is directing her very first Bones episode this fall. And of course, as usual with these two, all this ribbing was in good fun. (Note: These two have the most siblingest relationship of any costars on television...So much so that it merits the invention of a fancy new word!)

I met up with David and the lovely Emily last night at the Fox party, and they dished on Emily's directorial debut, their real-life, love-hate friendship and...wait a minute...a "big death" coming at the end of this season? And some trollop named Hannah coming in to make Emily's character Bones jealous?

Man, I so buried the lead.

Check out the exclusive video:

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