Ali Fedotowsky, Roberto Martinez


Last night's "shocking" finale of The Bachelorette may have surprised some fans (and Reality Steve). But to anyone who worked on the show, the winner was obvious from the beginning.

"We knew that first night at the house that Roberto [Martinez] was going to make it to Tahiti," a source tells us who worked on ABC's hit show. "Then after a few more of the group and one-on-one dates, it became clear to pretty much everyone on set that he was going to win Ali Fedotowsky heart."

So does that mean the über sexy and adorable Chris L. was out from the start?

"Chris put up a good fight and everyone on set loved him," our Bachelorette insider tells us. "But people knew he and Ali had more of the friend thing going on—at least from Ali's side."

So how much did she favor R.?

"It actually got to a point in New York where some people had to tell Ali not to be so obvious that Roberto was the front runner," our source dishes. "Even the best editing team in the world couldn't hide how much Ali was into Roberto the entire show.

"It took a lot of work keeping the outcome a secret; we even had people putting out some false rumors to certain outlets and telling others we filmed two alternate endings," adds our in the know source. "In the end we were all really happy with how it turned out and happy for Ali."

Even though we think A. & R. are way adorable together, the Bachelor and Bachelorette babes don't exactly have the best track record of staying together.

"I would say that [Ali and Roberto] are one of the more legitimately in love couples we've had come out of this," 'fesses our insider, who has worked on the show for quite some time.

Too cute! For all you Bachelorette fans, are you happy with how it turned out? We think Fedotowsky and Martinez could make it last. Can you believe A almost ended up with that douchebag Jake Pavelka? Such an upgrade dollface!

As for Chris L., who also won our hearts, we so think he should be the next Bachelor.

Said our insider rather coyly about the possibility: "We'll see."

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