Eat Pray, Love, Julia Roberts

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Is Brad Pitt really wining and dining Julia Roberts?

Perchance you saw the report this morning that Pitt "doubled as sommelier," special-requesting 48 bottles of wine for the Roberts-led cast and crew of Eat Pray Love during a special dinner on Friday in the Napa Valley.

He did produce the film, which also stars Javier Bardem. But is Pitt really ordering crates of vino for the crew?

Roberts and her cohorts were on hand in Napa last Friday (after, as we previously told you, dining the night before at the vaunted French Laundry) for a junket to promote the anticipated flick. But Pitt wasn't around to play wine steward, as the New York Daily News claims.

A rep for the Robert Mondavi Winery says they delivered wine to a "private" Eat Pray Love-themed soire that included Roberts, Bardem, Billy Crudup, Richard Jenkins and director Ryan Murphy.

However, a studio rep tells E! News there was no such affair: "This is a good one but couldn't be more wrong. The cast left Friday after the junket."

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