Lindsay Out of Inferno? Not When Dina's on the Case!

Inferno team pushing back production to keep L.L. as lead

By Ted Casablanca, Taryn Ryder Aug 02, 2010 8:02 PMTags
Lindsay Lohan,

Is Lindsay Lohan being replaced by Sarah Scott as the lead in the Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno?

According to some reports that surfaced over the weekend L.L. will not have a job waiting for her when she finishes her 90 days rehab. Sources claimed production has to begin in August and will move on without La Lohan. But is that really the case?

Producer Chris Hanley and director Matthew Wilder filled us in on the latest:

"The producers and director of Inferno, the story of Linda Lovelace, have been aware of certain media articles indicating there had been some alternative actors considered for the Lovelace role other than Lindsay Lohan," Chris tells us.

"Lindsay's mother [Dina Lohan] called the director yesterday concerned that there was some truth to the statements. These stories are completely unfounded and untrue: the producers have been, and continue to be committed to Lindsay in this lead role and are confident that there is no actress that can achieve the dramatic level we require of this role other than Lindsay."

Continues Hanley:

"That is why we suggested her in initial cast meetings, sought her interest, have worked with her on the character of this role creatively for some months, and are committed to Lindsay throughout the entire filmmaking process which includes satisfying a commitment to the courts at this time."

The current production schedule, which works around L.L.'s current court obligations, has a start of photography in November of this year.

Director Matthew Wilder also blasted the recasting rumors:

"The creative team behind Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story wishes to express our renewed support for Lindsay Lohan...We never considered recasting Inferno, and never would recast it. There is no actor more ideally suited to this role than Lindsay, and we are content to start production after she finishes what the court mandated.

"We hope that those who read these words will disregard the waves of fabrication and vicious personal abuse that have marked the reporting of this story, and join us in wishing the best for this extraordinary artist."

Nothing like a call from Mom to ensure you've still got a job! We wouldn't want to mess with Dina, either.

But do you all think this will be Lohan's comeback role? Weigh in below.

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