Grey's Anatomy: Will Arizona & Callie's Lovefest Survive the Finale Fallout? Jessica Capshaw Spills

Calizona will face some mayjah challenges in the new season, and one half of the equation is dishing on that 14 kid promise in the finale

By Megan Masters Aug 02, 2010 2:35 PMTags
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Calizona fans rejoice! Um, on second thought, cautiously meandering into Grey's Anatomy's seventh season might be a safer bet since it sounds like that bloodbathy finale is still rearing its ugly head when the ABC hit returns.

Luckily, we just caught up with an adorably pregnant Jessica Capshaw (Arizona), and here's what she tells us lies ahead for the docs of Seattle Grace—and when (or if!) those 14 Calizona babies might start poppin' out...

"I was wondering how we were gonna get back to it after that big season finale, but we just jump right back in," an enthusiastic Jessica exclaims. (Seriously, this gal could sell us on...anything!)

Following the teensy time-jump rule, Grey's returns with lots left to be resolved. Explains Jessica: "There's been a little bit of space in time. People have been able to go away, come back and deal with it, and then the issues that are going to be the issues are there."

"And now what it will be about for Arizona," she tells us, "is the moments when you make those promises; how do you make good on them? Do you still make good on them? What do you think? How do you think it? And then what do you do?"

Like, we dunno, following up on those 14 babies Arizona promised her ladylove Callie in the face of impending doom?!

"Arizona [really] got away scott-free in that she and Callie weren't shot," laughs Jessica, "but clearly there was still that life or death moment that made Arizona have her big epiphany and, 'I can't live without you. And I'll have 14 kids'—which I don't believe she will."

We're sorry, come again?! So there will be no cute li'l kiddies running around Seattle Grace any time soon? (McSteamy's new grandbaby excluded!)

Jess is muy tightlipped about her upcoming arc on Grey's, but does predict this: "I'm thinking that there will not be babies! But," teases the baby bumpin' starlet, "maybe that's also just selfish because babies are really hard to work with. I feel like I'd have my hands full. I don't think I need more babies in my life—I'll have more that enough."

Hey, we love Callie, we love Arizona and we love Calizona! So if a baby (or 14!) is what it takes to keep these two together, we might just start begging Jess—and Shonda Rimes—to suck it up and make it happen. That's fair, right?

Are you on board with Jessica's season seven Grey's Anatomy scoop? Brave the boards, and fill us in on your thoughts below. And don't miss the premiere Thursday, Sept. 23 on ABC.


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