Step Aside, J.Lo and Steven Tyler! Jimmy Fallon Volunteers to Be New American Idol Judge

Late-night host will totally do his best impression of the best people

By Kristin Dos Santos Aug 02, 2010 4:27 PMTags

Just in case you've never met Jimmy Fallon, know this: He's kind of awesome sauce. Dipped in magic. Filled with, um, "raw eggs." Yum!

So should he bump aside Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez to fill one of the spots on  American Idol's new judging table?

And how! Or at least, his impersonations should.

Jimmy dishes on that, plus his raw-egg preparations (step aside, Rocky!) to host the Emmys and more in the video above. It's all good fun.

Oh, and confession: When Jimmy's publicist told me, "You've got Jimmy!" while walking him over to me for our interview, I kinda took that literally—as did he. But fear not because he's got a lovely spot next to the garden hose in my back yard and we're washing him and feeding him and everything. Thanks for the best party souvenir ever, NBC!