Glee Stars Dish on Britney Spears, Rocky Horror and "Poo Cookies"

We have song-choice scoop from the stars! And Matthew Morrison clears up his beef with Britney

By Kristin Dos Santos Jul 30, 2010 7:20 PMTags

Does Matthew Morrison really hate Britney Spears? Sure, he told Us Weekly a while back that he preferred they not do a Britney ep, but does that mean MM is a card-carrying member of the Britney Hate Club?

Matthew sets the record straight with us in the exclusive video above, as Lea Michele, Heather Morris and some of your other Glee faves weigh in on the big Britney episode they'll be doing this fall—and what songs they may be singing. (Hint: We have one confirmed!)

Plus, here's more scoop you need to know about the Britney ep, Rocky Horror ep, Super Bowl ep, and Sue Sylvester's (Jane Lynch) newfound love of baking with feces:

Britney song scoop!  Sources tell us that one song they will be doing in the Britney episode of Glee is "Stronger," and Heather Morris dropped the hint that she loves "Oops I Did It Again" and "Slave," and thinks "Slave" is pretty much the best video of all time. Hmmm…Can it top "Vogue?"

Boss Ryan Murphy gives this justification for the Britney and Rocky Horror episodes: "We're doing a Britney Spears episode called "Britney, Brittany" because of our Brittany here…And we are gonna do a Rocky Horror episode, and there's a lot of fear among the men on the stage about who's wearing what. I think that, when I was a kid, I went to Rocky Horror, and it was a feeling of community and it was, you know, all these artistic misfits together. So I think that's why we're doing it, it fits the show. You know, one of the many things about our collective love of pop culture, that is pop culture, Britney Spears is pop culture, but done with a twist on it with hopefully emotion."

As for the Super Bowl, Ryan hints that there are some major, hush-hush negotiations going on right now with a big artist for the post-Super Bowl episode. "We're gonna do an episode after the Super Bowl, because nothing says Super Bowl like Glee. [Laughs.] So, we're gonna do a big event thing, and we're negotiating with the artist about after the Super Bowl."

In Part One (Romance Scoop) and Part Two (Casting Scoop) of this Glee Scoop-A-Palooza, we never got a chance to talk about the almighty hair-hating Sue Sylvester, and that needs to be rectified right now before she slams me into a locker. Here's what we learned at the TV Academy's Glee event:

Sue will be even meaner this year. Despite her last-minute reprieve at the end of season one in which she let Mr. Schuester and the kids keep the Glee club, don't expect her to go all soft—unless we're talking about fresh-baked hate cookies. When asked to tease one thing that's coming up for Sue, Ian Brennan (who writes every one of her insanely funny lines) teases: "Poo cookies." And Jane Lynch herself says, "I know she has a new nemesis, and…Am I gonna be meaner? Meaner. I love it, bring it on. Yeah, all I have to say is poo cookies." Yum! Perhaps Cory Monteith can market that along with his new delicious pastry, the Finnchel?

And though no further songs from Lady Gaga are on tap for season two, Ryan Murphy is still apparently in the Gaga mood, directing me to "give your best poker face" right before I snapped this twitpic backstage...


Let the record show that between the mouth-to-mouth assault by Matthew Morrison and getting man-handled by Ryan Murphy—oh, and also enduring an impromptu dance to "All the Single Ladies" by Chris Colfer, plus all the awesome performances by the cast, Glee's Academy event just wasn't any fun at all.


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