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Lindsay Lohan might be out of jail as early as Sunday. But she's not going to get much quality time with her mom, sister, stylists or tanning salons.

Despite the pleas of Lohan's attorney, mother and "Free Lindsay" loyalists, iron-fist Judge Marsha Revel won't be allowing the troubled actress time to recoup from her two-week stint at Century Regional before heading to three months of residential drug treatment.

Offenders usually have a full day to transition between jail and rehab that won't be the case with Lohan.

Los Angeles District Attorney's Office spokeswoman Jane Robison says Lohan must head to rehab "sooner than the 24 hours" after her release from jail.

Robison couldn't confirm exactly how long the move would take or the exact location of Lohan's rehab.

Revel's primary reason in ordering Lohan directly to rehab is making sure the actress does not relapse after her time behind bars—which has been the concern of Lohan's estranged papa, Michael Lohan, from the beginning.

Yes, despite his penchant for shameless self-promotional forays, he might have a point when it comes to his spawn.

Before her sentence, he petitioned the judge to remand his daughter for treatment, arguing the slammer is ineffective in treating what he claimed was a prescription drug addiction on her part.

On Thursday, his lawyer Lisa Bloom followed that up with a letter to California Attorney General Jerry Brown requesting an investigation into "unscrupulous doctors" who have "negligently and fraudulently" overprescribed prescription meds to Lindsay.

"While Lindsay's apparent struggles with drugs and alcohol have depicted in the entertainment media, the issue of her alleged prescription drug addiction, which Michael believes is the core problem, has received less coverage," Bloom's letter states. "The problem is that even in jail, even in rehab, even with random drug testing during probation, she can get and use any prescription drugs she wants so long as a doctor prescribes them."

Bloom says Lindsay has a prescription for Dilaudid, a powerful morphine derivative given to her "supposedly for 'dental pain'," along with amphetamines and opiates. Bloom says that Michael is worried that Lindsay has engaged in "doctor shopping" to stock up on multiple prescriptions.

The letter goes on to urge Brown to close "a giant legal loophole that could cost [Lindsay] her life."

Brown has launched similar doctor-shopping probes following the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith and Corey Haim. The investigations have led to the current prosecution of doctors (as well as Smith sidekick Howard K. Stern) as well as the bust of a massive prescription drug ring.

Attorney General spokeswoman Christine Gasparac says her office is referring the matter to the Board of Medical Examiners and "will work with the Board to investigate any credible claims of abuse by any prescribing doctors."

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