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Could the bisexual double standard be coming to an end? Ya know, that it's totally ok (even encouraged) for a chick like Anna Paquin to swing both ways, but that no dude in H'wood would ever says he's dabbled in same-sex sex?

We were hopeful when it was reported that a rising T-town hunk, Inception's Tom Hardy, was speaking out about some "experimenting" in his past, helping to balance the bisexual seesaw between the ladies (Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, etc.) and the gentlemen (uh, can you think of one?).

But we got our hopes up for nothing, because it seems Hardy isn't as carefree and confident in his sexuality as we were led to believe:

First, let's hear what Tom supposedly dished: The Daily Mail quoted him as proudly saying that he's had sexual relations with another guy. "As a boy? Of course I have. I'm an actor for f--k's sake," Tom (who's now engaged to Charlotte Riley) gabbed before going on to reveal: "I've played with everything and everyone."

And hell, if we didn't love the badass Brit before, he definitely had our attention now. And it got better, as Tom, as the site quotes, smashed a stereotype that plagues the minds of all the DL dudes in T-town:

"I have definite feminine qualities, and a lot of gay men are incredibly masculine," Tom explained, emphasizing a point that people naively seem to buy into. And we said hell yes! Don't you think Toothy & Co. would be less concerned about being out and proud if they didn't worry that their action hero potential would be replaced with roles as Carrie's gay BF in the next Sex & The City installment?

But it seems Tom Hardy wasn't as willing to speak out as we thought—or, at least, he's not liking the headlines his off-hand comments made.

"It's all taken out of context," a source close to the rising star claimed after we asked about the article. Hmmm, we don't doubt that The Daily Mail likes to embellish occasionally, but how exactly were that many quotes misrepresented?

"He was discussing a gay role and quotes coming from the character," the same person defends.

Last time we checked IMDb, the only gay role Tom played was in RocknRolla opposite Gerard Butler. And he wasn't playing an actor; he was playing a mobster.

So disappointing. Isn't this the time to own those brave and fearless quotes about sexuality instead of blaming it all on the messenger messing things up?

Such a shame. We have a feeling Tom's relaxed ‘tude about the situation wouldn't have hurt his stud-factor one bit. You think others in Camp Tom felt the opposite?

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