Gossip Girl Is in the House! Ed Westwick and Bosses Spill Goods on the New Season

Get breaking scoop on what will go down this fall when the CW fan fave travels to Paris and back!

By Kristin Dos Santos, Megan Masters Jul 30, 2010 12:30 AMTags

How often do Gossip Girl fans get to see Ed Westwick, in the flesh, speaking with that ridiculously charming British accent and giving Blake Lively a run for the money with how low his neckline can go?

Not often!

But at last night's CW party and today at the Television Critics Press Tour, Ed's bosses Stephanie SavageJosh Schwartz and Joshua Safron graciously showed up to pony up some info on the upcoming season of G.G....

First though, check out the video of Ed Westwick above for proof of his strong accent and not-so-strong neckline. Seems he's a oui (get it?) bit excited about all the Paris stuff this season, no? We know his "new love" is French actress Clémence Poésy, but when he says "old loves" (are we hearing that right?) does he mean Blair (Leighton Meester)? More than Blair? Thoughts?


Now back to those goodies we promised from today's press tour fun. First, the CW delivered an all new promo from the Gossip Girl premiere in Paris—footage of Chuck and Blair's much-talked about reunion in the City of Love! 

B drives by in the lovely black car seen in the twitpic to your right, and—bam!—there's that Basshole standing on the street corner. Their eyes lock. There's a bit of a double take. And that's it.

Josh did reveal during the panel that by the end of G.G.'s Paris run, Chair will come face-to-face (another tease we see in the promo) but it will lead to "explosive consequences" for the rest of the season. Bahhh! Why must you keep doing this us?!

Elsewhere in the Gossip realm, there's all sorts of fabulosity happening. Here are the top seven G.G. spoilers from the day:

Was that enough Gossip Girl goodness to tide you over for now? Hope so, but the new season is inching closer, so stick around!


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