Matt LeBlanc and Laura Linney Pimp Out Their New Shows—and We're Buyin' 'Em

Get the inside scoop on guest stars, crossovers, and more on Showtime's new series

By Jenna Mullins Jul 29, 2010 8:15 PMTags
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It was Showtime's turn to parade their programming goods in front of TV critics today, and yes, they did bring the goods. We got scoop on what will surely be a new favorite (The Big C) and what might be a new guilty pleasure (The Real L Word). Plus, Matt LeBlanc returns to television!

But wait a minute, what about Dexter? Yes, the cast was here today, too, and here's what you need to know:

Because we got a whole crapload of awesome info (not complaining!), Dexter needs its own separate story, which is coming a wee bit later. But we know these tidbits on Showtime's other cool shows will keep you entertained in the meantime...I mean, hello, it's Joey Tribbiani! In a new show that looks pretty dang high-larious!


What It Is: A new comedy about an actor named Matt LeBlanc being cast in a U.S. remake of a British comedy that is, um, not as good as the original. Coming in January.

Matt on Matt: His character is named Matt LeBlanc, but don't for one second think he's playing himself. "It's not really myself. There are some similarities, but for the most part he's a made-up character," Matt says.

Importing Brits: Episodes is about bringing a British television show (Pucks) overseas, but it's not all about the TV industry. Executive producer David Crane says that "it's really about what happens between the people."

A Friendly Return: Matt says his last television show (Joey, in case you forgot or tried to forget) had problems "due to the writing." But with Episodes, he has "blind faith" in the creators and writers, so he has more confidence in this project. After seeing the trailer, we do, too.

Puck You! You will see the show within the show, or at least little snippets of it.

"How You..."—Stop It.  After 12 years of playing Joey Tribbiani, Matt needed a break. "It was a great time, but I wanted to take some time off and spend time with my daughter. It's nice to be back with a show I have faith in," he says on his decision to return to TV with Episodes.

I'll Be There for You. Maybe: There is no plan for a Friends reunion on Episodes à la Seinfeld on Curb Your Enthusiasm, but the creators did say it isn't impossible. As for this first order of seven episodes, definitely not.

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What It Is: A comedy about a woman diagnosed with cancer figuring out what to do with the time she has left, starring Laura Linney and Oliver Platt. Premieres Aug. 16.

Guest Stars: Cynthia Nixon will be Cathy's friend from college, who comes back into her life after the two had a falling out. Executive producer Jenny Bicks says Cynthia plays a "wild, sexy, free, and a little off the rails" character. Liam Neeson plays someone from the "alternative medicine world" and as of right now, he is only in one episode.

Changing Seasons: Each season of the show will represent one season of the year. Season one will be summer, season two will be autumn, etc.

Weeds Crossover? We hope Nancy can hook Cathy up with some medical marijuana, because Laura Linney would love to do a crossover with Weeds. Awesome.

The Big D: One of the show's biggest factors is time, but when it comes to Cathy dying, the writers haven't thought out that timeline just yet. "It's more about the exploration while she's alive. And if it comes time that she goes, she goes. We are not afraid of that," Jenny says.

Cathy's Way: Laura stresses that her character is not a poster child for how to deal with cancer. "She is just one woman in one point of time," she says.

The best medicine: The EPs thought it was time to make a comedy about cancer, and they hope the Big C will be relatable.


What It Is: Reality show about lesbians living in Los Angeles, currently airing.

August 15: An important date, as this is the season finale. And since no decision has been made on a second season, it could be the series finale.

Real Lesbians of New Jersey: They could give the Housewives a run for their money if The Real L Word doesn't get a second season. "If it doesn't get picked up, we're all moving in a house together," castmember Nikki Weiss jokes.

Single Lady: Whitney Mixter blames her romantic entanglements on her flirty nature and being the only single one on the show. As for the final three episodes, she promises the "sticky situations" get even stickier.

Episode Seven: This is the episode that the cast described as "epic" and will make up for the first six not having shock value. Good thing that episode is airing this Sunday!

Looking forward to these newbies from Showtime? Excited for another Friend coming back to TV? Scroll down to the comments and let us know!


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