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Julie Benz is an easygoing gal, but don't you dare put a certain something within her sight line on her TV show set: a bathtub.

While promoting her new ABC series by Greg Berlanti, No Ordinary Family, Julie told me this tragically funny (more tragic than funny for Dexter fans) little secret:

The No Ordinary Family set builders put a big, fancy bathtub in the bathroom she shares with onscreen hubby Michael Chiklis, and she tells me she has asked them to remove it.

It seems we fans aren't the only ones still dealing with a little post-traumatic stress after that most recent season finale.

See Julie talk about newfound bath phobia, how cruel Dexter fans can be on Twitter (tsk tsk!) and her fab new show in the exclusive video clip above.

And now here's Michael Chiklis answering the question "everyone is asking" about their new ABC superpowered dramedy, No Ordinary Family: "How did a girl like Julie Benz get a handsome guy like me?" (Cute, right?)

Major spoiler alert if you're behind on Dexter: Julie's character, Rita Morgan, was brutally slain in a bathtub at the end of last season, and she confesses she hasn't gotten into a bathtub since she last shot the show—well, until she shot the opening scenes for the new season of Dexter, which picks up right where they left off.

And beyond that? Will she be back?

"Rita's presence will definitely be felt throughout season five. However, my actual physical presence will not be there. I don't know how else to say it."

Sunday at the TV Critics press tour in Beverly Hills, show runner Greg Berlanti (Everwood, Eli Stone, Brothers & Sisters) had this to say about his reasons for doing No Ordinary Family, a fall dramedy about a family who acquires supernatural abilities when their plane crashes in Brazil (a magical place!): "With this we wanted to make something that the whole family could watch together, and unfortunately I think those shows are getting fewer and far between."

And Chiklis wanted it to be known: "This isn't Heroes. This isn't The Incredibles. This is No Ordinary Family...It borrows from a lot of different shows that we love. And because it's an amalgam of them, it ends up being something completely new."


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