Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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You'll have to forgive the headline, but we're just gaga for the guy!

We're talking, of course, about Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the erstwhile child star who's taken the good route to aging (unlike some other former child stars, cough Lindsay Lohan).

With the success of Inception (not to mention all the praise Joseph got for the clever and winning (500) Days of Summer), the 29-year-old hunk has basically solidified his celebrity status for the next few years. The guy's got the youthful looks, the sizable talent and the refreshingly down-to-earth attitude that we always look for in our Hollywood crushes...

Even though he's on the brink of 30 (which is so the new 20, we must say), JGL's one of the most promising young actors we've had the recent pleasure of drooling over.

Here's a shot of Joe looking mighty fine on the set of Premium Rush, his new flick with three other up-and-coming hotties that you should all keep on your radar: Entourage's Dania Ramirez, Sucker Punch's Jamie Chung and Broadway heartthrob Aaron Tveit.

But we digress. Just look at how scrumptious Joe's mug is. And best part, he's not even trying to be stud material. It's rare to call a young'un in Hollywood "cute" anymore, but damn, we don't think there's any other word for the little dimple-muffin.

The next step in ensuring that Gordon-Levitt's one of our mainstay crushes is entering into a romance we can track. How ‘bout it, Jojo? If things don't materialize with model-heiress Devon Aoki, how ‘bout Natalie Portman? Same age and edge and everything!

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