Deena Cortese, Mel Gibson; Giulio Marcocchi/Sipa Press

Did you hear the one about the girl from New Jersey who dropped the N-bomb and looked like an idiot in front of the whole Internet?

Yeah, we did, too.

TMZ posted a video of new Jersey Shore girl Deena Cortese going on a rant about some bad party experience, and lo and behold, the white chick from Jersey dropped the N-bomb. And we think it's a pretty damn big deal…

After complaining about the way some schlub toyed with her and her gal-pals, Deena (who's already been seen cavorting with Snooki in Seaside Heights) rants about the guy's games and then says, "We're gonna play you out, n---a."

We don't even need to see anymore to know exactly how this situation's going to play out: Deena will get her introduction to the world for this way-outdated choice of words, and then the clamor will drop off as soon as she shows up on her first ep of the new season. And nobody will even remember this little incident…except us.

Y'see, Deena's a young, body-beautiful girl from Jersey. The exact opposite of drunken, ranting, idiotically self-combusting Mel Gibson. But she'll get let off easy because she's got the boobs, the butt, the bikini and the happening Jersey connection. Her little foray into racial slurs won't cost her anything more than a few shakes of the head and some tsk-tsks from onlookers who weren't planning on paying attention to her anyway. After all, Paris got past hers pretty smoothly, right?

Unlike Mel, whose every little utterance of any unorthodox curse word is enough to garner a new headline. We're not saying the two are totally alike, but the fact of the matter is, it's unlikely Deena will be held accountable to the same standard; whereas, everyone jumps on Mel (and rightfully so) for his rants. This won't even be remembered until she does something stupid or even more controversial. Frankly, we think double standards suck. Especially when they're between two idiots. Why can't we stop this pottymouth princess from getting too big for her britches now?

Look out, Snooks, because Deena's out to usurp your controversy crown.

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