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OK, maybe mom is a bit harsh, but Angelina Jolie—making a pit stop in Asia during her world press tour for Salt—definitely looks like Meg's hot older relative, at least. Ya know, the dearest auntie who loves sharing those totally TMI stories with you about her über-sexy heyday.

And before you bitch that we're being total bitches, our first thought when seeing Angie and her slit-up-to-there gown was that she still looked damn sexy. But then we got tipped off to a few things by some very observant E! employees (who shall remain nameless for their own safety, of course) and were forced to take a closer look:

Well, obviously, her hair is a total don't—hence the great-aunt-Angie analogy. We can hate on the lady for a lot of things, but we usually have to give her points for her très chic ‘do. Here, as pointed out by an E! gal who, must admit, got very lucky with her luscious locks, Angelina looks a tad old. Well, as she's the mom of many, let's just go with tired.

But that's clearly not what Angelina was going for, seeing as her dress is see-through (which lost A.J. some major fashion points with a fab femme in our photo department).

We can't hate the siren for wanting to look sexy (hell, she's built an empire on her puckered pout), so while we support the peekaboo glimpse of her totally gorge legs, we think Ange needs to pass the see-through torch to someone more Megan Fox, no doubt.

But now for the major turnoff: Angie's monster hands! Don't believe us? Read this email we got from a cubicle cutie: "Yowza. I'm scared. Is that what being so skinny does to you?"

And here we were going to say Angelina looked kinda doable. What do you think? Has thinking about how glam (and healthy) aunt Angie looked in that aforementioned heyday left us expecting too much from her?

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