Why Pacey-Con 2010? Because He's the "Greatest Character in Television History. Ever. Period."

Joshua Jackson is even more awesome than we ever realized—here's why!

By Megan Masters Jul 27, 2010 7:55 PMTags

Joshua Jackson is a god among men. And not just because he's sexy and studly and breaks our hearts on Fringe.

Josh brilliantly used Comic-Con as a venue to single-handedly (with the help of those Funny or Die folks, of course) resurrect his lovable Dawson's Creek doof, Pacey Witter. But why?! (Not that we're complaining.)

Believe it or not, Josh has some pretty compelling reasons...

"[This is] the only convention that celebrates all things Pacey Witter and Dawson's Creek in the entire country," Josh tells his camera crew without a trace of a grin (and in full Pacey bowling-shirt garb).

"Pacey-Con is my favorite time of the year because it allows me to interact and give back to the people who have devoted their lives, really, to Pacey."

All right, obviously he's totally kidding. But Josh actually braved the sometimes-scary Comic-Con crowds to shoot this little piece of viral video magic, which makes us love him even more. More than Joey Potter, at least!

So why put on Pacey-Con when we now have Josh in our Fox TV lineups?

Explains the star: "People ask me all the time why I'm working on the show Fringe, and the honest answer is I'm only doing it to fund my first love, which is Pacey fan fiction." (We catch a glimpse of it during his personal Comic-Con panel.)

On that note, we'll let Josh sum all of this goodness up: "I do [this] because Pacey Witter is the greatest character in television history. Ever. Period."

Who are we to disagree with logic that...logical?


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