Comic-Con 2010

Blake Lively busted onto the superhero scene at Comic-Con last weekend.

E!s own Ben Lyons caught up with the gorgeous (and secretly geeky?) Gossip Girl star in San Diego to see how the Green Lantern's been shaping up and learned the star's role research was rooted in the pop-culture convention:

"The first thing I said to Jeff Johns [head of DC] was, 'I don't want to get slammed at Comic-Con...Please tell me everything I need to know!' Before we even started shooting, my concern was Comic-Con," Lively said.

Check out the clip to see Blake dish more on being a leading lady, what makes Ryan Reynolds a great DC comics hero (aside from his love for Lively's show, natch), and what saying bonjour to a new G. Girl location was like.

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