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We'd never have guessed, but apparently it's not just the Biebers of the world that make tween girls fall to their knees and cry.

Our favorite adorable Disney darling Selena Gomez dropped by KIIS FM this morning, and for how many panicky, tear-ridden teenage girls there were waiting outside reception, you'd have thought it was the damn cast of Twilight or something!

Nope. It was only Selena, who, after today, we're sure we have a completely warranted crush on...

Little Gomez was rocking her usual chic and casual look, and was ever so sweet with her tons of fans, even though some (particularly one chick who started screaming in the elevator) were a little too much to handle on a Monday morning. Still, Selena smiled, waved and met everyone who'd come out to see the Ramona and Beezus honey as she made her way from the studio. The doll stayed at least 30 minutes after her interview, just to greet fans! How's that for crush-worthy, eh?

Last week, another celeb took some time to be with fans and hot dogs…

Chelsea Handler, our favorite E! honey, was sitting in supersweet front-row seats at the Dodgers-Mets game in Los Angeles on Thursday. The funnylady, dressed in her dark blue summer best, sat right behind the Mets' dugout, but that didn't stop pesky fans from approaching and requesting a picture. Chels chatted briefly happily obliged, even though the photo op was one of those horrible delayed you-gotta-press-the-silver-button things.

Plenty of fans in the stands were catcalling to Mama Handler, but she took it all in stride. After the first few innings, she disappeared into the clubhouse and reemerged just in time for the tail end of the game. Wonder if things inside were more interesting than that thrilling 2-0 game. Shoulda followed Chelsea!

Sitting only a few seats away was another star with good looks to share, erstwhile O.C. and Southland heartthrob...

Benjamin McKenzie was loving the grade-A seats as he sat with a pal at the game, just a few heads over from Chelsea. Ben was lookin' finer than ever, gushed an Awful contact who sat right by the dude. It's good to know that the once-hunky guy is still rockin' some killer good looks, and it's even better to know that he's happy to share them with ticket-buying Dodger fans.

A couple of hours away, and a whole lotta years older, a mustachioed megaman chowed down alone...

Tom Selleck, ever the favorite of horny middle-aged women, was spotted dining at one of his favorite haunts, Tuscany, in Westlake Village last week. We hear that Tom's no stranger to the cute little Italian restaurant, especially since it's in a secluded area and is exceptionally delicious. And the place is probably thrilled to have him, since he immediately ups the level of hunkiness in the joint.

Interestingly enough, this time Tom was dining with a couple, and we're pretty sure he was totally the third wheel at the table! The other duo looked like they were into each other, and poor Tom was stag. Before you clamor to set him up with your best friend's sister's aunt's gynecologist, remember that Tom's been happily married for 23 years. He probably enjoyed feeling like the third wheel again (admit it—we've all been there!).

—Additional reporting by Marc Snetiker and Jessica Kane

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