Ian Somerhalder

Warner Bros.

Comic-Con 2010

It's the No.1 question you fans tweeted during Comic-Con that simply had to be asked: Is Ian Somerhalder on—or off—the market?

Now, who are we not to be responsible journalists, giving the fans what they want?!

See how Ian answers the question in our exclusive video clip—along with his take on Lost's controversial ending—especially for poor, soulmate-less Boone! Then check out all of our one-on-one interviews with your Vampire Diaries faves: Nina Dobrev, Paul "Stef-uh!" Wesley, Matt Davis, Steven R. McQueen and boss Kevin Williamson...

If you missed our über-informative, sit-down Q&A's with Nina, Ian, Kevin and Paul, go here.

And if you haven't yet seen all of our awesome Comic-Con coverage of Fringe, V, CommunityThe Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Dexter, Bones, Glee, Supernatural, True Blood and Smallville, make sure you catch it!

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