Back in Black: Supernatural Season Six Scoop From Comic-Con

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and the show runners share what lies ahead in series "reset"

By Drusilla Moorhouse Jul 25, 2010 10:13 PMTags
Jensen Ackles, Jared PadaleckiAlbert Ortega/PictureGroup via AP IMAGES

The Winchester boys—Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki—hit the Con today and shared some great news about season six for original fans of Supernatural. 

"We're getting back to the basics," Jensen said, "to what we all fell in love with in the beginning."

Sam and Dean have been through hell (literally), so it's about time the brothers had a little fun, right? Read on to hear more about the changes ahead for the rockin' brothers and the angel on their shoulder, Castiel...

"We're going to get back to the show that I signed on to, and Jensen signed on to, and we're really excited to play," Jared told us. "We won't forget everything that's happened, but now that will be part of the story rather than the whole story." 

Monster Mash: Still, the Winchesters have to hunt something. So after angels and demons, what's the big bad? "There are more monsters," said new show runner Sera Gamble. "We really wanna shoot some monsters in the for the first time our mythology loops monsters in." Misha Collins, returning as Castiel, said monsters are "more active than ever before...and Cas is involved. It may look like a monster of the week season, but actually on a mythology level it is very much tied into heaven and hell and all things epic."

New Direction: Jensen Ackles himself makes his directing debut this season in a Bobby (Jim Beaver)-centric episode. So was he nervous? Not a bit. "Maybe if I'd been surrounded by unfamiliar faces, but the crew is like family to me...I had the full support of everyone surrounding the show. The confidence they had in me gave me confidence in what I was doing." And Jim Beaver enthused: "I've never felt any more secure and well guided as an actor than I have by Jensen Ackles." 

Life Swap: When the season begins, about a year after Sam's trip downstairs, "Dean is a family man," Ben Edlund said. "He has a life and a marriage that he's going to try to protect." Then Sam returns—and reveals that he has in fact been back for a year without contacting Dean! Jared explains: "Sam wanted Dean to live in blissful oblivion. It's a bit of a strain because Dean feels like he's been lied to...they have some things to work out." While Dean is keeping the home fires burning, Sam is playing the field. "Season six Sam is very much like season one Dean," Jared said.  

Sam I Am: The Sam who returns from hell really is Sam, Jared assured us. But now he subscribes to Dean's original "shoot first, ask questions later" policy. "Sam's not heartless by any means," said Jared, "but he inflicts collateral damage now: Let's just try to fix the biggest problem and figure out the repercussions later."

Waiting in the Wings: Castiel reunites (yay) with the brothers in episode three this season, Ben Edlund told us, after a "busy year" in heaven. "Raphael still exists, he's not going away, and he was quite irritated last year." Poor Cas! Adding to his headache, Misha told us, "his specific mission at times is going to run counter to Sam and Dean's missions...He won't be the backseat of the Impala sidekick. There was a hard reset on [Castiel's] human emotional side."

Along with Castiel, Supernatural itself is getting a reboot. "The fact that we're pressing reset on the show is refreshing to me," said Jensen. "We had five years with these guys, so we have all that history, [but now] we're getting back to square what we all fell in love with in the beginning."

What do you think of Supernatural's new direction? Are you still onboard the Impala?


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