The Vampire Diaries: Will Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Smooch Again? We Ask 'Em!

Catching up with the stars about the highly anticipated second season, and the romantic entanglements in store

By Kristin Dos Santos and Tierney Bricker Jul 25, 2010 4:37 AMTags
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Forget Team Edward or Team What's-His-Name, the fierce battle now brewing on Vampire Diaries day at Comic-Con is Damon versus Stefan...And Elena versus Katherine.

So is there any chance that Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev will be locking lips again in the new season—after that scorchingly hot kiss in the season one ender? We just chatted with the stars themselves and here's what they say about the new season:

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What's up for Damon this season?
It's not necessarily going to be the funnest season for Damon. I think that he's going to challenged a lot where I don't think he was used to being challenged. I think there are some things that are gonna wreak more havoc in Mystic Falls than he probably did in season one and it's gonna be a problem so those challenges are something to look forward to ‘cause it's not boring.

Will we keep seeing the humanity in Damon or will he revert back to his evil ways?
Well, when I think that he finds out it wasn't Elena, he's gonna be a little pissed off.

Does he still want to be with Katherine after he finds out it's her?
He still wants Katherine like an idiot. It's weird you know, love is a really blinding force. It forces us to do things, stupid things that we all every single one of us has experienced it.

Will Damon's feelings for Katherine transfer over to Elena?
I don't know. Actually to be honest with you, I don't know. What I'd like to see is for him to realize [that Katherine] is a crazy, manipulative bitch and really a lot of where he comes from, his traits, he learned from her and if he were able to look inward at himself and say, "These are not very high quality traits of a person."

In the sneak peek clips we saw, SPOILER ALERT: Katherine says she wants Stefan. How will that make Damon feel?
That's another thing that's just going to crush him.

How will it affect Damon and Stefan?
A tentative alliance. That's the thing. That's the interesting thought is that it might actually form, that alliance may have to get stronger because she's going to wreak havoc for both of them, whether Katherine wants Stefan or Damon, Stefan wants nothing to do with her, for the most part. Until he does. If he does.

Do you think Elena brings out Damon's humanity?
I think that's the only time you ever see it is when he's with her. I mean Nina Dobrev'll do that to you. No two ways about it.

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Which Salvatore brother are you rooting for at this point for Elena to be with?
Defan! Their undisovered brother who is the perfect mix between the two.

Will you be kissing Ian again this season?
I will be kissing at least one Salvatore brother this season.

What's up with Katherine coming back?
Last season I got to do it very little. I mostly played Elena and we teased to Katherine a little bit, but this year there's gonna be a lot more Katherine. She's back and she's wreaking havoc and she's up to no good. So it's gonna be fun to kind of step into Damon's shoes a little bit and play with them and mess with everyone's minds.

How are you differentiating between Katherine and Elena as far as appearance?
Between the wardrobe stylist and the creators, we all kind of collaborate, but I'm very outspoken about the way I want Elena and Katherine to look and the fact that I want them to look differently. And one of the main things for example is Elena is a flared jean girl and Katherine is a skinny jeans and heels kind of girl. There's little subtle things that create a different vision visually. They have to look different as much as they look the same.

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How's Stefan dealing with that porch kiss?
For me, I'm brokenhearted about the kiss between Damon and Elena. Because as sociopathic and malicious as he is, and maybe a murderer, he knows that I love him. It's the worst insult. At this point Stefan doesn't empathize as much or care. He's more like, You know what, I'm not going to deal with this guy.

Does it change his feelings for Elena?
Elena, Elena, Elena. He loves her. It's sort of a transformation. He's coming to terms with himself, season two is a lot more about acceptance. This is what I am. He's going to do other things. Laugh, be jovial.

Now that Katherine has said she's back for Stefan, is he interested?
It's  a mix, he thought he was in love with Katherine at one point, she's the person who is responsible for his immortality. It's heavy. He meets her with disgust and at the same time a little bit of interest.

What do you want for Stefan?

I love not necessarily the dark side, I love that as well, but I like Stefan to have other tactics other than victimized and accepting the burden. And be more proactive.

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What can we expect this season?
Well, you know Katherine being back in Mystic Falls is a bit of a game changer for the show. We have to find out how is this going to affect Damon and Stefan in terms of Katherine now being back in town and I don't know. It's so hard to talk about it without giving anything away because it seems like everything is a surprise! She comes back and as you saw in the clip, she came back and pretty much stated why she's back and it'll be fun to sort of watch that play out, but if you've watched our show in the past, you know there's always more than one reason someone's there or some of the motives of our characters. So it's a huge turning. Well, she said she wanted Stefan. She came back for Stefan. 

Could there be other reasons?
Maybe. Could be.

What will we find out about Katherine?
There's so much to still know about 1864. What happened? Why wasn't she in the tomb? How did she escape? Where did she go? Why did she come to Mystic Falls to begin with? What brought her to Mystic Falls? And so there are all those fun questions that we're gonna explore and how the Lockwood curse figures into it.

How is Katherine different now than she was in 1864?
She's meaner. It's going to be interesting to watch. She's different in the sense that she doesn't have to wear corsets anymore and she's different, well I'm scared to say it because it'll tease where she's been. It's a bit of a secret what she's been up to.

Will we see flashbacks of characters that died last season?

Will we see Isobel again?
Not right away. I don't have any plans in the first, you know we've sort of broken the whole season, but we haven't individually broken down the back 9 episodes so I'd hate to say no and then turn around and do it and make a liar out of me. So I would say not in the first 12.

How many flashback episodes will there be?
Certainly we have three flashback episodes planned, and I'm guessing there'll be four.

What can you tell us about Tyler's journey this year?
Tyler's going to sort of learn through the help of his Uncle Mason who comes to town in the very first episode, who and what he is. He's gonna learn about the curse, who he is and how he responds to it. It's going to be a typical growing up story, a sort of coming of age tale, but it's horrible to have all these questions about why you're the way you are and why you're so angry and why you always feel so lost and then you get the answer and you don't like it. So it's gonna be a fun journey for him…and violent. 

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