Community's Comic-Con Adventures Include Rapping, Betty White--and a Mission to the Moon?!

Joel McHale and Co. tease big things ahead in the NBC hit's second season

By Megan Masters Jul 25, 2010 12:37 AMTags
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Once you've conquered "Modern Warfare" and the feat of a conceptual paintballing masterpiece, there's really only one place left to go—and if you're Community show runner Dan Harmon, that place just so happens to be the moon.

If that made absolutely no sense, and we're sure it didn't, Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Donald Glover and Chevy Chase can and did a much better job at explaining what's ahead on the NBC hit's sophomore season today at Comic-Con.

Oh, and did we mention the Community crew totally dominated the Con today with the first standing ovation from the crowd that we've seen thus far?!

True story: It was adorably heartwarming watching Gillian wipe tears of joy from her eyes after the outpouring of love you Community kids showed the cast at Saturday's panel. And while it was a much-deserved reception, something tells us Joel and Co. weren't expecting all the love you guys had to give. Especially since a majority of the stars felt the need to turn the panel around and thank the fans for the warm welcome.

"I am the luckiest person in the world to be doing this role," Danny gushed. And Yvette added: "This is amazing. We have never seen this much humanity in one place honoring our show. Thank you so, so much."

Now, that scoopy goodness we promised. According to the genius known as Dan Harmon, he conquered the action-movie-turned-TV-show-episode last season, so this year, somewhere around episode four, he's bringing Greendale to outer space. It's still a work in progress, but the name Apollo was mentioned, which brings to mind Tom Hanks in Apollo 13, which was a great movie, which means this will be a great show. See how we did that there?

NBC/Chris Haston

Each cast member was also gracious enough to give us a little tease about their character's future plans, so here's your breakdown:

Jeff: Remember that shocktastic finale kiss between Jeff and Annie? Well don't expect the two to just go on their merry way and ignore it completely. "All the open-ended questions that were left open, like me making out with Annie, Britta confessing her love, even Troy and Pierce's moving in together, all get answered," Joel tells us. "You know Gilligan's Island just used to reset? Nothing's changed!' Everything's changed." Dun-dun-dun!

Britta: "Right now she's just operating on the hurt of being rejected, let alone the added humiliation that he went out and kissed Annie," Gillian spills. "I don't know how she's going to deal with it. She's got a fragile ego as we learned over the course of season one and she likes to win, so there are going to be explosive fireworks in the study room."

Annie: For the record, Alison is Team Whatever's Best for the Show. "It's not like they ever had Jeff being this creepy dude going after this young girl," is how she laughs off weird reactions to the Jeff and Annie hookup. "So I don't think it would be the weirdest thing, but I would never want the show to just get caught up in too much romantic drama, because we're a smart comedy. It's fun to be able to do the wacky zany stuff and not be Gossip Girl." No offense, of course.

Abed: Danny promises Abed will still be Abed—in a more grown up way. "Abed has had a summer now to explore documentary filmmaking. Abed has a two picture deal. He's got a first look deal with Sony, a second look deal with NBC [Laughs.] No, Abed is excited. He's tried to get out of the falafel restaurant. He's been in there just making falafel balls, and these hands aren't made for falafel. So, I'm excited to see what we do with that." God, we love you Danny Pudi.

Shirley: Yvette wants some lovin' for her lady! "I hope we'll see more of her family," she tells us, "and I'm still shooting for that love interest. I'm like, 'c'mon!'. I want Isaiah Mustafa. He's got an NBC deal! The Old Spice Guy. I love him. I've been campaigning so much with Dan and on Twitter!" Her second choice? Malcolm Jamal Warner.

Troy: Get ready for a geeky Troy. "We've already seen he's not talking about football anymore and I won't be wearing the ring or the Rolex next year," Donald says. "He's changing a lot. He's turning into this uber weird nerdy kid that he wasn't allowed to be in high school, so there's going to be a lot of changes for Troy."

Pierce: Unfortunately, Chevy tells us he has no idea what's coming up for let's all go guess in the comments section, shall we?

Side note on one of the best panels we've seen all weekend: The whole gang is crazy excited about Betty White's premiere appearance and Joel tells us he believes she'll be back for more: "Betty White's our new professor. And I think it might reoccur if she agrees to it. Please Betty, please."

Also, Danny and Donald were kind enough to finish the panel off with a rapping rendition of that hit "Biblioteca" and a "Somewhere Out There" duet. It. Was. Incredible.

All this Community scoop really just makes us dream of September getting here already. What about you?

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