The Big Bang Theory Rocks Comic-Con (Literally!) With Leonard, Penny and Sheldon Love Scoop

Jim Parsons and Co. dish on what's ahead for season four

By Megan Masters Jul 24, 2010 1:08 AMTags
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Move over, Chuck! That Jeffster Comic-Con rockathon is so last year. And who other than your own Warner Bros. bros on The Big Bang Theory to snatch the title away.

How so, you might ask? Thanks to some help from theme-song singers the Barenaked Ladies, and some delish couply-love scoop, TBBT is now reigning supreme...

If you were hiding under a rock during our live-tweeting of the Bang panel, here's what you missed:

The audience (all 4,000 of us!) were given the lyrics to Big Bang's mouthful of a title sequence, and just when moderator Wil Wheaton filled us in on plans to have a little sing-along—Bam! Out came the Barenaked Ladies, theme-song writer and performer extraordinaires.

How fun is that?!

And before you even ask, the fans were given a second musical number as well thanks to a Jim Parsons-led rendition of "Soft Kitty." Seriously, we died a little during this moment of squeeworthy goodness. (Check out the ole YouTube for a glimpse.)

And now, for the really fun, lovey-dovey stuff.

The Big Bang Theory's season ended on a note of new love for Sheldon and love lost for Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) and Lenny (Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco—swoon), so what's next?

Mayim Bialik will definitely be back, and soon!

"We check in with her in the premiere," show writer Lee Aronsohn explained. But don't fret! "Sheldon is not changing from the Sheldon we know. The challenge has been to figure out what kind of a relationship members of this species might have." Yes, he did just call Sheldon a different species. Amazeballs!

As for the lovelorn Leonard and Penny, don't hold your breath. Show runners Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady promised the two will move along this season and "get back to being friends." There will be other love interests, too. They are geeky sexy young people, after all.

"We just want to do what will provide us with more stories," Lee said of the two. "We've seen shows that have really hurt themselves by doing a lot of will-they-won't-they, and when they finally do, no one really cares anymore. We want to keep it interesting."

As for you fans wondering if Penny and Sheldon might ever have a romance, Jim Parsons told us exclusively after the panel: "Penny and Sheldon definitely have chemistry. Sibling chemistry. And don't you suggest otherwise!"

Meanwhile, Simon told us of Howard's ladyless start to the season: "I loved the girlfriend Bernadette last year. It brought out a lot of humanity in him, but I trust the writers in whatever they do."

However, he does want "something where you get to see some depth, where [Howard's] not just a sleazy guy. He's got heart, but just does all the wrong things."

Raj (Kunal Nayyer), of course, will continue to be Raj—but with a little alcohol-less twist. "Kuthrapali is maybe this year going to address the sad fact that it's going to be difficult to get a girlfriend when he can't talk to women," teased Lee.

Also stopping by TBBT is Apple cofounder (and Dancing With the Stars' star) Steve Wozniak, but the gang was tight-lipped about his gig. Wil will pop up as Sheldon's nemesis again, there's just nothing penned in the calendar just yet. So stay tuned!

The Big Bang Theory returns Sept. 23 in its new Thursday-night slot. Now fill us in on your lovely thoughts below.

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