DiCaprio Source Says "Doubtful" Leo Will Work With Mel Gibson

Leonardo DiCaprio and Mel Gibson are supposed to shoot a movie, but will they?

By Ted Casablanca Jul 23, 2010 1:45 PMTags
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Before we get to Leonardo DiCaprio and that racist, misogynistic, anti-gay, anti-Semitic skeeze-basket Mel Gibson, gotta say, Inception is amazing with a capital A (which also happens to be the grade that E! gave the fab flick). If you haven't had time to catch the mind-blowing megamovie, then cancel your Friday night plans because it's a must-see—if not for the truly original storytelling (how often do you find that these days?), then to drool over the way gorge supporting cast (Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page, anyone?).

Plus, Leo can do no wrong. Or can he?

While we all anxiously await the announcement of Inception 2, Leo lovers have been dying to know what the A-list actor is up to next—and the buzz is bewildering, to say the least. The L.A. Times is reporting that Leo is next set to star in a Mel Gibson-directed film about Vikings. True?

No, at least it doesn't look like it. Not at all. Whew!

"There's not even a script yet," a source deep inside Camp DiCaprio dishes to us about the rumored project. "So it's not real, but it is technically still in the works. Nothing has been settled."

Is this code for Leo's waiting to see what kind of sentence Hollywood (not to mention the actual courts) dole out for the accused woman basher?

DiCaprio remains a businessman, after all. And his camp is saying let's give the leader some time to see how Gibsongate pans out. But the question remains: Would he still be interested in being directed by the Tinseltown pariah?

"No, I doubt Leo would do it, especially after all this," one of our most knowledgeable L.D. spies spills, matter-of-factly, assuring us that Leonardo's personally horrified by the crap Gibson's been pulling lately.

He's no Whoopi Goldberg, thank heaven.

Good to know. But gotta ask, especially after Goldberg's nonsense, and since Jodie Foster is still willing to work with Mad Mel, who in T-town will forgive and forget?

We knew we liked Leo for a reason! Sorry, Mel, looks like not all of Hollywood will be "smiling" and "b--wing" you. And we know, Mel, we're ruining your life and we "have no soooooul." Whatever.

But here's some far happier news, dolls: Leo's working with someone we're sure you'll love:

George Clooney!

We hear Leo's begun prepping for the long-anticipated big-screen adaptation of the political play Farragut North, and Clooney not only penned the project but will direct the flick too (sadly, he's not set to costar—too much hunkiness on one screen, we guess). The two have reportedly met a couple of times in L.A. for readings.

Leo as the star and Clooney behind camera? Smells like Oscar noms to us!

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