Cory Monteith

Famous Gleeks like Jennifer Lopez, Javier Bardem and Julia Roberts haven't exactly been shy about gabbing their love for the croonin' series. And why should they when a little ass-kissing is the numero uno way to land a guest spot on the megafranchise.

And it seems show star Cory Monteith can't even go out for a friggin' bite to eat without being fawned over—by mobs of teen girls and celebs alike. So who's the latest semi star to chat up Mr. Monteith in public?

Stephen Baldwin!

Uh, come again? OK, it might have been Stephen's daughter who was all googly-eyed over Finn's presence at Urth Caffe earlier this week, but Stephen seemed to approve of the dude after they had a chance to talk.

Cory, wearing dark jeans, a black T-shirt and sunglasses, came in to order when Stephen's daughter, who was lunching with her famous father, spotted Cory at the register.

"I wasn't sure if it was Cory at first, but she knew right away," a fellow dinner dished. "It was cute. She ran up to him and started talking."

Baldwin followed suit and talked with Cory in the back of the restaurant while the Glee star waited for his to-go order. "I think Baldwin went over because his kid did," our spy spills of the daddy-daughter encounter. "He just wanted to make sure Cory knew the connection, but they seemed to get along after that."

So who knows, maybe Stephen could make a good beau to Sue Sylvester? Or not, but one person who probably won't be making her Glee debut is...

Lindsay Price, of 90210 and Lipstick Jungle fame, who missed Cory by minutes at the same WeHo hot spot.

"She looked gorgeous!" another restaurant source squealed about the babe who was sporting curly hair, a black top and jeans.

Linds stopped in to order an iced drink with a gal-pal and then left. Don't you miss her making out with rumored boyfriend Robert Buckley? At least then we got some eye candy, no offense to the hottie actress.

And finally, just to keep up with our 24-hour stalking lookout for Ryan Gosling, the buff über-babe was back at The Edge last night to keep up his dance practice. Swoon. We think we'll have to start staking this place out.

Once again our source just about died at how good-looking Gos is in his tight blank tanks—as if we didn't know already.

—Additional reporting by John Boone and Kate Alper

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