Alexander Skarsgard, Robert Pattinson, Stephen Moyer

Jason LaVeris/Getty Images, Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images, Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Vampires have stamina.

We're nearing the two year mark for when Twilight first took over, making fangs all the rage. Then came True Blood. Then came The Vampire Diaries. If you want to be bitchy about it, that order isn't entirely true if you look at which books came out first, but that's not the debate we're trying to start.

Most of the stars of these franchises pretty much became instant celebs, which got us thinking: What the hell were they up to before?

Did any of you remember that Alexander Skarsgård was one of the male models who tragically died in the freak gasoline fight in Zoolander?

Behold, our Before They Were Vampires gallery. While many of the familiar faces are in fact vamp-tramps, we added a few honorary members in there too. You know, a few fangbangers and werewolves ‘cause they hit it big by vampire association. Plus, any excuse to show a young Kristen Stewart or Anna Paquin sounds good to us.


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