Kathy Griffin, Lindsay Lohan

Jordan Strauss/WireImage.com; Pool/Getty Images

"I'd like to have her in house arrest at my home. She's invited to house arrest. I have a really nice house."

—Redheaded funnylady Kathy Griffin when we asked her at VH1's Do Something Awards if she had any last words for another sometimes-redhead, Lindsay Lohan, before the babe was booked into prison

The comedian was being honored at the event for her work promoting social change (notably with human rights and the LGBT movement), so maybe, just maybe, Kathy and "her gays" would be able to whip LiLo into shape.

We're sure Lindsay would do anything to get her ass out of that prison jumpsuit—until Kathy pimped her out to break up the Palin-Johnston engagement or made the twosome get matching vajazzlings on the next season of My Life on the D-List, that is.

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