Caught! Ryan Gosling in...Ballet Class?

What’s Ryan Gosling doing hanging around a ballet studio?

By Ted Casablanca Jul 19, 2010 7:10 PMTags
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We're just obsessed with Ryan Gosling these days, aren't we?

And for good reason, we say! The Notebook stud was spotted engaging in an activity that will either have all the ladies completely swooning, or switching their loyalty to some other stud...on with, um, manlier virtues...

Our peeping source caught Ryan at The Edge dance studio off of Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, apparently leaving a ballet class! The dude wasn't doing the tutu thing, natch, but was sporting a black V-neck tank and was clean-shaven as he stopped to watch a hip-hop class.

In typical Ry fashion, our source says he was a nice and down-to-earth sweetheart, chatting with fans who came up to him and looked so gorgeous. No surprises there!

Now, we knew he was taking classes for his "posture" (pssh), but that was, like, months ago. That means the guy is either taking more ballet for an upcoming movie (which we hear is true), or he's just fallen in love with the glitz and glamour of grand jetés and pirouettes (which we so wish was truer). Wonder which it is.

Some other studs were doing a little less dancing and a little more moviegoin' nearby...

Liam Hemsworth, Miley's current ab-tastic squeeze, was hanging with his dude posse at the Arclight (which is the movie theater to go to in this town, kids). The guy was rocking a beard (really, Liam?), shorts and a loose-fitting T-shirt. Surprisingly, no one went up to bother him. Maybe because he's not really a celebrity? You didn't hear that from us.

Grey's Anatomy cutie-patootie T.R. Knight was almost unrecognizable at the theater with his new hair—longer, wavier, and oh so much sexier. He was standing in line at the concession stand with a chick BFF before going to see The Kids Are Alright, that amazing new Julianne Moore movie. Folks kept coming up to T.R. and telling him that they missed him on Grey's. And what a surprise...he was so gracious with them! That's why we're always on Team T.R.

Also chilling at the Arclight was Seth Green, buried in his BlackBerry, of course. He was ignoring most of his girl friends by sticking to his phone. Keep working, S babe, but make sure you pay some attention to those chickies following you around every once in a while!

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