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MTV/Emily Shur

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino said it best when he twittered yesterday, "We got a Situation."

The abstastic reality star linked to a story about some of his Jersey Shore costars going on a so-called strike because they want—what else?—more money from MTV.

So what's going down in the Garden State? Here's what we know…

Negotiations for a third season are still ongoing. In other words, no contracts have been signed. JWoww, Pauly D, Vinny, Ronnie and Sammi reportedly refused to have cameras rolling on them this weekend while they were at home preparing to leave for the Shore. "They think releasing stuff to the press is going to help," a source said. "They are going to look like brats."

MTV declined to comment, saying in statement, "We don't comment on any contractual conversations...[P]roduction is on schedule."

On Saturday, The Situation also twittered, "Packing 4 the Jersey Shore 3."

Jersey Shore's second season, which was filmed in Miami, premieres on July 29.  We've seen the first episode and fans of the hit reality show will not be disappointed. Not only is Angelina back (with luggage this time!), but she and JWoww almost come to blows inside of a cab.

Ronnie and Sammi are broken up, but, of course, they can't stop fighting. Wait 'til you see Ronnie's drunken antics. The Situation's arms are bigger than ever and what the heck is going on between Pauly D and Angelina? Vinny's goal for Miami, he says, is "to get with a lot of pretty girls."

And Snooki? She thinks Pres. Obama's new tax on tanning was inspired by Jersey Shore. Plus, the pint-sized firecracker tries fried pickles for the first time during a stop in Savannah, Georgia.

"Eating fried pickles," she says, "was a life changing experience."

If this isn't worth some more money, we don't know what is.

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Find out what Snooki recently told us about—gulp—retiring her trademark poof here.

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