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We told you the DWTS crew likes to stick together (minus Kate Gosselin that is).

Maksim Chmerkovskiy talked to reporters recently and defended his girlfriend good friend Erin Andrews after the skeevy Vanity Fair interview she recently endured.

The interview is only icing on the cake for what Erin is going through right now. The ESPN reporter is currently in the process of suing the hotel chains affiliated with her unauthorized peep show.

However, Erin's former dance partner has her sexy back. He went tweeting mad on VF recently and when asked what upset him the most he did not hold back:

"It was the lack of professionalism," Maksim told reporters about what was most disturbing in the article.

"Well, the interviewer was an ass," one Life & Style reporter replied to Chmerkovskiy.

"Good! You're saying," M.C. replied. "No I mean honestly shame on Vanity Fair. I'm a business owner, I have about 47 employees. Say you come to my [dance] studio and if instead of getting a dance lesson you just get made fun're going to say this studio sucks not this instructor sucks. Just like me, I think Vanity Fair needs to clean their house a little bit. There's no place for that bulls--t."

Some highlights of the interview between notorious goofball reporter George Wayne and Andrews was calling Maksim "cheesy" implying he and Erin had a fake relationship for press, to asking what kind of meds Andrews takes when she has constipation.

Maksim told us the interview that actually went down was even worse than what ended up being published.

"First of all the 'cheesy' part was soft enough from the original question. [The interview] was much worse. And the constipation [question] is just lack of direction," the Dancing hottie dished.

"The whole idea was Erin coming back to college sports after all that she's been through. She dedicated herself to cleaning up all the messes she was part of and to walk into this was definitely not necessary."

Can't say we disagree with his last statement, like at all. Yes, the interview was über weird, but hate to say it, that's what you get with Wayne. He could have taken the creepiness down a notch, though, what with everything the ESPN babe has been through.

As for where Erin and Maksim's relationship stands now:

"We're great! We have an amazing friendship, we're having a lot of fun together. Apparently somebody out there naming their kids for us, have us marrying and divorce. We would have super sexy kids."

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