True Love Returns to The Office—So Does Amy Ryan!

Holly Flax and Michael Scott will finally reunite in the series' seventh season

By Megan Masters Jul 16, 2010 5:21 PMTags
Steve Carell, Amy Ryan, The OfficeChris Haston/NBC

Praise jebus! Amy Ryan is really, truly and finally returning to Dunder Mifflin.

(Any chance you might rethink that departure now, Steve Carell? Pretty please?)

That's right, tubers, onetime geektastic lovahs Michael and Holly will (eventually) reunite during The Office's seventh season, NBC confirms. And thanks to the brilliant folks over at Zap2it, Paul Lieberstein, aka show runner and perpetual sad sack Toby, is spilling the squeeworthy deets:

How amazing is this news? Are you counting down the seconds until a Dunder Mifflin reunion? Sing your amens in the comments!


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