Jake Pavelka, Dancing with the Stars

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Praise you, Tony Dovolani! Why celebs aren't more like your cute self is beyond us.

While dishing all the goss with the Dancing with the Stars crew recently, Tony had no problem telling it like it is about Jake Pavelka and Vienna Giardi's recent "juvenile" break up:

"It was such great TV I couldn't help but watch," Dovolani recently joked about Jake and Vienna's ABC special. "Wow, wasn't that a train wreck or what?"

Cannot disagree there, babe.

"My wife and I kept looking at each other like 'Is this really happening'," Dovolani reiterated. "But it was great TV. Thank you!"

"I wish them both well," T.D. added.

Hey hon, don't say something you don't mean, that's why we heart ya.

Tony also hasn't exactly been hiding his disdain recently for his former Dancing partner Kate Gosslin telling, well, everyone how glad he was to be rid of the blonde mom.

"Honestly, not my worries," Dovolani dished to us when we asked him what he thought of the recent Kate Plus 8 investigation. "I haven't stayed in touch with her, she hasn't stayed in touch with me. I needed a break and I got a break—which was awesome—with my family."

Aside from persuading "Tone-dog" to team up with Lindsay Lohan on the next season of DWTS, the babe told us he's had it with one group of so-called celebs allowed on the ABC hit.

"I think we've had enough Bachelors on our show," T.D. 'fessed.

As for whether he's ready to give the boot to all reality TV celebs? He said the ban doesn't have to go that far.

"As long as they have followers I guess they are stars."

Just no Jon Gosselin, 'K? We may want a same-sex dancing pair, but we think Tony has suffered enough so we won't root for that to happen or anything.

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