Ryan Reynolds' CGI Green Lantern Getup Revealed

Check out the first pics of the actor from the upcoming superhero flick

By Gregory Imler Jul 15, 2010 8:00 PMTags
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As if the sheer anticipation of Comic-Con weren't enough, now we're getting a first look at Ryan Reynolds as the new CGI-clad, power ring-wielding Green Lantern.

Now, Green Lantern is easily one of the most powerful of the mainstream heroes, but he doesn't get credit for it. He's never really carried the same badass persona as, say, Batman or Superman.

Does this outfit, revealed today in Entertainment Weekly, change all that?

Director Martin Campell's (Casino Royale) vision features a computer-generated outfit that intends to show off the superhero's pulsing, glowing energy within. Something a Latex suit isn't really capable of doing...especially not a Batsuit with nipples.

Though, it's hard to say if the filmmakers that off that sense of fluctuating energy when looking at a still shot. We're hoping, with Comic-Con only a week away, we won't have to wait very long to see more of Reynolds and the suit in action. And that he's not too injured to show?

What do you think? Did the filmmakers get it right going with a CGI costume or has the use of effects just gotten out of hand? Let us know!

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