The CW Is Back—And Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev Is Freakin' Us Out!

The Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill and 90210 get back to work

By Team WWK Jul 15, 2010 12:15 AMTags
Nina Dobrev,

They're ba-aaack.

Thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter, we're all privy—yep, you, me and that weird kid down the street!—to intel from our Hollywood faves. And this week it just so happens to include tweets from a handful of back-in-production CW shows, and their lovely stars.

So what's with the butcher knife, Nina Dobrev?! And why is Sophia Bush talking One Tree Hill's Lucas and Peyton?! Fret not, because the tweets tell all...

The Vampire Diaries:TVD began filming their second season yesterday in Atlanta, Ga., and based on that kinda creepy twitpic, Nina seems to be getting a little, um, messy? She tweeted: "Gonna work hard, prolly lose sleep and blood. And take blood. Lotssss of blood."

Keeping with the blood theme, director of photography Paul M. Sommers tweeted the oddly cute shot of Ms. D. But for the record, we're sincerely hoping she's in character as Katherine here. Otherwise they are taking Elena in a very different direction this season—know what we're sayin'?

90210: West Bev's back in session, and the teens are prepping for their senior year. My, they grow up so fast. Jessica Stroup was kind enough to tweet this totally adorable picture of Trevor Donovan, Shenae Grimes, Michael Steger and Tristan Wilds hanging in the school's quad...but where the heck is Jessica Lonwdes, Annalynne McCord and Matt Lanter?! We demand some answers, Stroup!

One Tree Hill: Sophia Bush was sweet enough to answer loads of fan questions at once this morning, saying "Yes Brooke/Victoria. Great Nate/Haley. Looks like no Peyton/Luke. Don't know about a baby. I think yes wedding!"

Bah! Wedding?! Baby?! This is good stuff, S!

The one topic she wouldn't comment on in 140 characters or less? "Aw c'mon guys! Can't answer the Quinn/Clay ?'s. I'm only allowed to talk about stuff you already know! You'll have to tune in for that :)"

Lucky for us, Robert Buckley was much more forthcoming in our earlier interview with him, saying: "I think it's safe to say that Clay will be coming back. I hope I'm not giving too much away by saying that." Just the fate of your character, but no biggie.

Sophia's on-and-offscreen boyfriend Austin Nichols also tweeted from the set, saying, "For those of you looking for One Tree Hill info. I can't really help. All I will say is, my lips are sore. :)" It seems Brooke and Julian are doing just fine in season eight.

Translation: There is some kissy-poo action going on in Tree Hill.

Got theories on all this nonsense? Send 'em to us in the comments below.


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