Amber Tamblyn

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images North America

Tobias Fünke's better half is back!

Amber Tamblyn, also known as the real-life gal-pal of Arrested Development's "analrapist" David Cross, is heading to House this fall, and here's what he know about Princeton Plainsboro's newest doc:

Amber will appear opposite Hugh Laurie in multiple episodes of the Fox hit's seventh season, which premieres Sept. 20. The onetime Joan of Arcadia star is described as a "brilliant and aggressive" med student, hired by Dr. House himself—but there's just one problem: The chick isn't qualified to practice medicine yet. Think that's gonna stop her?

Probably not, once she's dragged into House's twistedish way of doctoring. Poor young thang.

Does this casting scoop make your House senses all tingly? Fill us in below!

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