Mel Gibson's Therapist: The Most Epic of Fails

Actor admits he's been undergoing therapy in latest leaked audio threat against Oksana Grigorieva; Gibson also demands oral sex, threatens to burn down house

By Gina Serpe Jul 14, 2010 5:39 PMTags
Mel GibsonAP Photo/Donald Traill

Another day, another leaked recording of what appears to be a crazed, panting, raving Mel Gibson.

In this installment, we discover that the only thing Mel likes better than demanding oral sex is threatening to burn a house down. Oh, and that he's been undergoing therapy for some time.

So…Tom Cruise was right after all? Just when we thought this Gibson mess couldn't get any worse...

The stark ineffectiveness of Mel's therapy sessions aside (remind us not to ask for that referral), today's recording, released once again in its entirety by RadarOnline, also highlighted the actor's penchant for other leisure activities. In particular, forcible ones. Not that that's such a surprise.


"That's my f--king mistake, I should have woke you up and said f--king blow me bitch," he tells ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva during a phone argument about sleeping and relaxing in Jacuzzis (don't look too hard for the logic).

"You went to sleep and didn't blow me. I deserve to be blown first before the f--king Jacuzzi! I'll burn the goddamn house down, but blow me first. How dare you! How f--king dare you!"

Gibson then moved swiftly on to the topic of how well he's treated his baby mama . Seriously.

"How dare you act like a such a bitch when I'm being so f--king nice?" he asked in the three-and-a-half minute recording. "You said I was mean. I did nothing but be nice to you. I've done nothing but be nice to you."

If this is him nice, we'd certainly hate to see him angry.

It was then that Mel revealed he'd been seeing a therapist, though it's unclear for how long. While we don't know when the recordings were made, all were taped after Jan. 6, when Mel allegedly punched out Oksana's two front teeth, thus causing her to fear for her life and sparking the domestic violence investigation into the actor.

"You wanted the number of my therapist?" he shouted/asked her. "Don't you ever speak to him. Find your own goddamn therapist. Cause you got problems more than me and you know how to f--king push my buttons. I can't get like this anymore. You're dishonest and you're a liar and stay the f--k away from me.

"I just want my daughter and a maid…They clean up after themselves, they make your goddamn bed, which you did not. You don't have to worry about emotional blackmail or any of the other bullshit that you put me through. I just need a nice woman to look after my beautiful daughter and I don't have to f--k her or anything.

"You're a pain in my ass. Stop being that."

We're thinking the feeling's mutual. Though better to be a pain in the ass than to have pain in the face. Like, say, when a career-sabotaging egomaniacal actor with longstanding anger and bigot issues knocks your teeth out. For example.

The onslaught of Gibson rants has also prompted a response from the National Network to End Domestic Violence, which is based in Washington D.C.

"Mel Gibson's behavior on the recordings is deplorable," NNEDV president Sue Else said in a statement Wednesdsay.  "His violent threats and demeaning words are themselves forms of abuse.

"I'm troubled by some of the media coverage of these recordings. Several so-called experts have wrongly blamed Gibson's ex-girlfriend for his violent, racist behavior.  Victims of intimate partner violence are never to blame for the abuse perpetrated against them.

"Mel Gibson needs to take responsibility for his actions, and he must be held accountable. The William Morris Endeavor agency did the right thing when it dropped him from its list of clients."

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