Sheriff's Dept. Finally Gets Chance to Be as Offended as Rest of World, Reviews Mel Gibson Tapes

L.A. authorities confirms they have actor's racist, misogynist recordings in their possession as third hate-spewing call is released

By Gina Serpe Jul 13, 2010 8:01 PMTags

For those wondering how many more of Mel Gibson's vile, hate-spewing recordings had to be leaked before the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department got its hands on them, the answer is none.

"We are reviewing the tapes," department spokesman Steve Whitmore told E! News. And not a moment too soon.

The latest crazed rant from the artist presumed to be Gibson, released like clockwork this morning once again by RadarOnline today, features the same despicable racist misogyny we've come to expect from Mad Max's greatest hits, but this time around he proves he's something of an equal opportunity offender.


The subject of this tape is money, specifically paying ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva's bills, including the nanny for their 8-month-old daughter.

The worked-up Gibson at one point tells Grigorieva that he has to pay "my tax money instead of the credit card."

"I will fire [the nanny] if she's at your house," Gibson yells. "I will make it known and fire her. I'll report her to the f--king people that take f--king money from the wetbacks, OK?"

And, of course, his acid tongue got a full workout with the mother of his child.

"You don't f--king count," he tells Grigorieva. "You're a f--king using whore…I own you. You don't f--king count. You're a f--king using whore."

It's unclear when the six-minute diatribe was recorded, but it's safe to assume Grigorieva had just about had enough, as she was more vocal than during the previously released recordings, defending herself against Gibson's constant stream of berating, shameful language. (WWJD, Mel? Not this.)

"I'm not a whore and I'm not a bitch and I'm not a c--t and I'm not a user and I'm not a thief. All those words. And I'm not a liar. I am not a whore or c--t or thief or prostitute or anything that you call me," she says. "I'm not a user and not a gold-digger.

"I don't have any money or any property assigned to me, and that's a golddigger for you? Are you insane? Yes, you are, of course, we can hear that."

Unsurprisingly, that, too, sends Gibson over the edge.

"What are you talking about, you f--cking ignorant bitch? I don't understand you. You're saying stupid shit."

Pot, kettle, black: arrange accordingly.

"How dare you f--king even insult me with some of the stupid reasoning you have," he goes on. "Your logic sucks because you're a f--king mentally deprived idiot."

"You made me moneyless," she counters. "You took me, you possessed me. Everything I am you owe me with my liver and my kidneys and my thoughts and my soul, everything. My career, whatever it is—pathetic career—is yours."

Referring to herself as Mel's "marionette," she tells Gibson, "I walk on eggshells with you."

Not for long, with any luck. While Whitmore told E! News there are no new updates on the Sheriff's domestic violence investigation, the actor's legal team will meet with investigators in the coming days to lay out their side of the story.

—Additional reporting by Whitney English

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So what are Mel's job prospects like now? Not good.