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MTV/Emily Shur

It was only a matter of time.

It's already impossible to ignore the self-described guidos and guidettes of Jersey Shore, and now some major rumors are swirling around one of the show's most outrageous debutantes. Apparently some VIP folk in Hollywood (emphasis on the V) are taking a much-deserved closer look at one of the suntanned stars.

Who is it, you ask? We've made no secret of our love for this particular Shore member. Of course, it's none other than...

Everyone's favorite orange meatball, Snooki!

Some suits over at a major network in L.A. told me they are absolutely head-over-heels for the Jersey Shore starlet. And this is not something to be taken lightly, sugarpusses.

"We think she's brilliant," one of them blabbed. And there was no irony intended. Whatsoever. The big-wigs for the network (which we think has the most delish shows right now, natch) could not stop gushing about how obsessed they were with high-haired party girl. When you've got that much love from people with that much power, you know you're in for some good hair-sprayed karma!

Could this mean that there's a transition in the works for Snookers to ditch MTV and head on over to a basic-cable network for, dare we say it, a talk show? Hi-larious!

Obviously, for all you Snooki doubters, maybe you haven't seen enough of her in the news lately to be properly educated. Like her brilliant quote to X17 Online when they asked if she had advice for Lindsay Lohan: "Who's that?" The girl knows exactly what to say to keep her hilarity (and, yes, brilliance) brewing in the news

We would definitely watch anything that Snooks is in, for sure. The question is, would you?

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